Baby showers and lonely dollops

24 May

So I can finally blog about some of the crafty bits I’ve been working on over the last few weeks! Yay! A few of the items were gifts for Lucy, one of my fellow Crafty Foxes, who is expecting her first baby. We had a baby shower for her today at her parent’s house and couldn’t have asked for such a perfect day weather wise for it. We had Bucks Fizz (and non-alcoholic versions), cucumber sandwiches, cupcakes (made by me) and an amazing blueberry muffin cheesecake from a local cafe (and also Lucy’s favourite). It’s the first baby shower I’ve been to as well and it was lots of fun just hanging out in the garden, eating and opening gifts.

So my contributions to the little man’s wardrobe included some hand-embroidered items. I am still yet to finish another couple of bits for him but had to give Lucy some of the pieces today.

Telling everybody that mama is crafty!

Telling everybody that mama is crafty!


The finished rocket ship from our second craft group meeting

The finished rocket ship from our second craft group meeting


lil rocker onesie (shaking those lighting booties!!)

lil rocker onesie (shaking those lighting booties!!)


So these were the pieces that I gave Lucy and had loads of fun doing them, although tangled thread got very frustrating at times. The crafty fox bib was my way of truly personalising something for her and I put a bit of her and her partner’s personalities into the onsesie, knowing that they both have a complete love of rock music! It was so much fun to do and such a quick and easy way of making something plain into something personal and beautiful. Can’t wait to finish off the other ones I have. (All patterns used on the onesies -apart from some of my freehand stitching- were from Sublime Stitching)

The other thing I did during this time was make a small plush toy for one of my friend’s at work. I bought the ‘Softies’ book a while back and when I took it into work, one of the guys I worked with expressed an interest for the lonely dollop, a poo shaped plush by Shawnimals. So I took it upon myself to make it.

Senor Dollop

Senor Dollop

I had to shrink the original pattern down as the felt I had wasn’t big enough, but it turned out okay. Wish I could have gotten a little more definition in the shape of the poo (I never thought I’d be saying that ever!! Haha), but on the whole the project was really quite easy and only took me a couple of hours to complete.

Well, that is all for today’s update but I will definately be better with my updates from now on as I have a plethora of ideas stored away for future projects!!

3 Responses to “Baby showers and lonely dollops”

  1. The Parents May 25, 2009 at 5:40 am #

    Am impressed by your handiwork. By the way definitely not definately.
    Where’s the pic of the blue cupcakes?
    Love you

  2. Guthrie June 5, 2009 at 6:16 pm #

    Senior Dollop what a crack-up, top efforts my dear!

  3. Davey C June 8, 2009 at 10:00 pm #

    Loving the bibs! Quality work! And finally, the shaping of poo is considered an art form… Not a moment too soon. Good work Jackie!

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