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Happy Number 1 Forage Bow Ties!!!!

22 Jul

A year ago today something special was created. Shauna and Stephen of Something’s Hiding In Here launched an awesome little pop-up shop at The Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco selling handmade bow ties from vintage fabrics.

One year on and they’ve had 7 collections of¬† FORAGE bow ties (with number 8 out in August), all of which have sold out or are currently very close to selling out. And more recently, Shauna and Stephen created their first collection of sumptuous Ladies Bow Ties which I coveted and then finally got my hands on. I chose the KATRINA Multi Colour Gingham and every time I’ve worn it have received nothing but love for it…..and impressed gasps when they realise I’ve tied it myself and it’s NOT a clip-on! ūüôā

(Me in my KATRINA bow tie, looking particularly badass! Haha, but it seriously is my new favourite accesory and I wore it out to dinner with a friend/potential date this week…fingers crossed it has magic dating powers!)
Now here comes the really exciting part…as part of the celebrations for FORAGE’s First Birthday, I’m giving away one of the sold out Ladies Bow Ties! The JENNA Pink Gingham bow tie, pictured at the very top of this post, is one of my favourites and one of you, my lucky readers, has the chance to win win win! And this is the LAST ONE! After this is sent to you, there are no more JENNA bow ties left to buy anywhere.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment in the comments section on here with your name and email and the outfit you would wear your new bow tie with. My favourite new outfit with my bow tie is a black shirt and black skirt/skinny black trousers so the bow tie really pops! This giveaway will be open until end of day 29th July and the winner will be chosen at random just after midnight. Good luck!

And to Shauna and Stephen and FORAGE Bow Ties,

xx Crafty Love from the Crafty Fox xx

(Images credited – click for link to credited photographer/source)

Merry Christmas!

23 Dec

Christmas Deer 2.
As most bloggers are doing right now, I’m signing off for a few days or so to spend some quality time with my family and loved ones. Plans changed at the last minute this year so this Christmas is a London Christmas and I’m looking forward to spending it at my home.

Be safe on your travels if you’re going home and enjoy yourself once you’re there! I hope you get everything you could wish for and more. And thank you for reading my blog this year. It means so much to know that people might take something away from here that inspires them or helps them in one way or another.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

xx Crafty Christmas Love from this Crafty Christmas Fox xx

The fun begins!

17 Sep

The Red Velvet Art Autumn Craft Class has officially begun and I’ve (almost) completed my first project.

Front Cover of mini album

Love this fabric!

Front and Back covers

Album and pages ready to be filled

Blank pages awaiting stuff



(The design for the embroidery page is from Sublime Stitching and is from the Handmade Nation pack, unfortunately now sold out)



I loved how creative this project made me and it really pushed me to create something different and unique. Rachel, a personal thank you to you and your brain for thinking up this wonderful project!! I can’t wait for the next one now! It’s also been really interesting to see what everyone else has come up with and really inspiring too. So happy that this was my anniversary present, which also happens to be today ūüôā Don’t know what we’re doing as my boyfriend has planned it all so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I also completed this little project yesterday – it’s a belated birthday gift for the little girl of one of our friends. The original drawing was done by my boyfriend and I was the one who turned it into a cute Brownie Owl plushie. I could have done a few things differently but overall I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

Brownie Owl

That’s my new sewing machine in the background too – a very early Christmas present from my mum and dad. They’re the greatest! (See, I am using it, haha).

So there are a few other things going on in my life but I’ll reveal all when the time is right (and no, I’m not pregnant…it’s a baby of another sort, although not a puppy or kitten either unfortunately). Time for me to go relax for a little bit before I rev up the craftometer again!

Crafty love from a Crafty Fox xx

That 2nd post I was talking about…

2 Aug

Well, my second post in a day didn’t quite turn into reality however it will appear in the next week. I’ve made a mid-year resolution to blog and craft more so I actually do have stuff to write about, it’s just finding the time to sit down at the computer and do it (and not get distracted by all the other amazing blogs out there – new favourite is redvelvetart). The girls that run and make stuff for that store are inspiring and hopefully it’s where I’ll be at one day.

Work is bumming me out a bit at the moment – don’t get me wrong, I do really like my job and some of the perks it has but it’s not what I envision doing with my life and the hours are crazy unpredictable (well, to the extent that 3 different day shifts can be and rotas only done 1-2 weeks in advance). I know that as soon as I sit down and craft I’ll be happy again so I just need to make my time to do that.

Anyhow, a pretty image from Elsie Flannigan (must check spelling) otherwise known as Elsie Cake on her blog.


Baby showers and lonely dollops

24 May

So I can finally blog about some of the crafty¬†bits I’ve been working on over the last few weeks! Yay! A few of the items were gifts for Lucy, one of my fellow Crafty Foxes, who is expecting her first baby. We had a baby shower for her today at her parent’s house and couldn’t have asked for such a perfect day weather wise for it. We had Bucks Fizz (and non-alcoholic versions), cucumber sandwiches, cupcakes (made by me) and an amazing blueberry muffin cheesecake from a local cafe (and also Lucy’s favourite). It’s the first baby shower I’ve been to as well and it was lots of fun just hanging out in the garden, eating and opening gifts.

So my contributions to the little man’s wardrobe included some hand-embroidered items. I am still yet to finish another couple of bits for him but had to give Lucy some of the pieces today.

Telling everybody that mama is crafty!

Telling everybody that mama is crafty!


The finished rocket ship from our second craft group meeting

The finished rocket ship from our second craft group meeting


lil rocker onesie (shaking those lighting booties!!)

lil rocker onesie (shaking those lighting booties!!)


So these were the pieces that I gave Lucy and had loads of fun doing them, although tangled thread got very frustrating at times. The crafty fox bib was my way of truly personalising something for her and I put a bit of her and her partner’s personalities into the onsesie, knowing that they both have a complete love of rock music! It was so much fun to do and such a quick and easy way of making something plain into something personal and beautiful. Can’t wait to finish off the other ones I have. (All patterns used on the onesies -apart from some of my freehand stitching- were from Sublime Stitching)

The other thing I did during this time was make a small plush toy for one of my friend’s at work. I bought the ‘Softies’ book a while back and when I took it into work, one of the guys I worked with expressed an interest for the lonely dollop, a poo shaped plush by Shawnimals. So I took it upon myself to make it.

Senor Dollop

Senor Dollop

I had to shrink the original pattern down as the felt I had wasn’t big enough, but it turned out okay. Wish I could have gotten a little more definition in the shape of the poo (I never thought I’d be saying that ever!! Haha), but on the whole the project was really quite easy and only took me a couple of hours to complete.

Well, that is all for today’s update but I will definately be better with my updates from now on as I have a plethora of ideas stored away for future projects!!

Feeling crafty again

7 May

I had a bit of an off day yesterday craft wise. I have so much that I could be doing and getting on with¬†as well!¬†Yesterday was my day of feeling like nothing was as good as it could be and that I was rubbish and just a general down day. But I turned things around in the evening after a moan to my boyfriend and sketched out a few ideas for a present I’m working on.

But today was completely different! I had a good day at work and when I got home joined a fabric swap run by Heidi Kenney of It should be so much fun and now I have to choose the two fabrics that I want to cut up and to send to her! Yay! My crafting purpose and flair has re-emerged!

(Oh and sorry for the short and photoless blog but I had to get this off my chest and share)

Easter Cards

29 Mar
My handmade easter cards

My handmade easter cards

I’ve decided this year to create Easter cards as I’m not giving them to a large number of people. Kept with a pretty traditional theme with the subject matter – new chicks, easter bunny, egg, basket. I will admit though,¬†I got inspiration from Google for a couple of the cards (doesn’t everyone??). I got stuck when I was trying to think of things to do other than the generic poses of the chick and bunny. I used felt and material for the detail in the¬†easter basket and the hatching chick, pencil for the decorated egg and plain old ink pen for the easter bunny. They all turned out pretty well, so I’m happy with the finished results.

I know a couple of people I’ll be giving them to will be reading this blog so they can guess which one I’ll give them and then see if they’re right!!

Illustration Showcase

23 Mar

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to an illustrator showcase at Orchard publishing house. As I currently work in a book store it was a really interesting evening and focused on children’s picture books (my other speciality). I was able to talk to a few of the illustrators and in particular had quite a lengthy conversation with Leigh Hodgkinson about handmade crafts. She is the author of ‘Colin and the Wrong Shadow’, another ‘Colin..’ book and has a new book called ‘Smile…’ coming out in April/May. I was a bit gutted that I didn’t win any of the raffle prizes of signed prints by the illustrators but as you can see from my photo there were a number of books available to the attendees to get signed (so I nabbed myself three I particularly liked although I should have got the other Colin book too!!).

'I don't want a cool cat' by Emma Dodd, 'The Bear with Sticky Paws' by Clara Vulliamy and 'Colin and the Wrong Shadow' by Leigh Hodgkinson. All hardback signed editions!!!

'I don't want a cool cat' by Emma Dodd, 'The Bear with Sticky Paws' by Clara Vulliamy and 'Colin and the Wrong Shadow' by Leigh Hodgkinson. All hardback signed editions!!!

So I’ve had a few new ideas for crafting projects that steer away from embroidery, particularly focusing on making felt brooches. I’m still doing my embroidery though and have a few projects on the go as well as loads of other ideas that I hope I’ll get off the ground at some point!!

Another day, another project

14 Mar

My final day of holiday from work and I decided to start on project number three – an embroidery piece from a Kurt Halsey for Sublime Stitching pattern. It’s a very sweet and cute pattern and Halsey also happens to be one of my favourite illustrators. His style is very simple and clean, something which I’m happy about as that makes it all the more easily transferrable to craft mediums! The subjects of his paintings/illustrations appear to be very innocent but there is an underlying melancholy to them which is found in the commentary he provides through messages he places in them.

A Kurt Halsey illustration

A Kurt Halsey illustration

So, to my embroidery…

My work in progress

My work in progress

Not as great a picture as I would have hoped but, bad lighting and material weirdness¬†aside, you can see the detailing that I’ve started. The final product should be finished in a couple of days latest and I already have ideas for gifts for people (some which I will try to use Halsey’s illustrations). Oh, I’ve started on a path and there’s no stopping me now!

Sneaky preview

13 Mar

So, as I sit here watching Comic Relief I decided to crack on with my embroidery. As this is one of my keep it secret projects I can only show a small tidbit but hopefully you can see the detail involved (if the photo hasn’t compressed too much) and appreciate my intricate handiwork (hehe).

Part of one of my secret projects

Part of one of my secret projects

I hope you like this piece of embroidery and hope you’ve been enjoying Comic Relief like me and have given a little or a lot to a well deserving charity!