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The First Quarter Century

30 Jan

In just over a month I will be able to tick a new box whenever I have to fill out a survey. Yep, 25 is almost here! It’s quite a big birthday and I’m looking forward to it – I’m having a fancy dress party that I’ll elaborate on soon!

As we all do with our birthday’s and Chistmas’s, I’m creating a birthday wishlist of a few items I’ve seen around the blogosphere.

This lovely Recycled Canvas Tote Bag from ForestBound is definitely one of my top items. I’ve been after a new handbag for a long, long time and I’ve fallen in LOVE with this one.

I’ve also fallen in love with Trixie Delicious’s amazing “vandalized vintage”. This plate is one of my favourites but the Crack House Plate and Hussy/Floozy Teacups are also high up on my list of wants!

This Ashley G print, entitled ‘Knitty, Knitty’ is one that I really want to hang up on my wall. By now, you will know of my knitting obsession and my 2 knitting groups so this is an entirely appropriate birthday want! Hehe.

I’m a long-term fan of Spinthread’s creations and this lovely hand-embroidered geometric triangle necklace is longing to be worn around my neck!

So those are a few of my wishlist choices. I thought it might be good to split this into 2 posts (makes it sound like I have LOADS of wishlist items when I only have about 8-10!)

I hope you are all well and enjoying this year so far. Can’t believe that it’s the end of January already! Enjoy this week! I’ll be knitting!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Crafty Foxes Christmas Wants

29 Nov

If you are a follower of my Twitter, you will see that I’ve been updating periodically with a number of Christmas Wants. Some of these are personal choices that I would love for myself, others are amazing things I’ve come across and think would make perfect gifts. I have tried to categorise each time I post but sometimes I post whatever I find at the time!

I’ve decided to post them on here as many places will have shipping deadlines and if you fancy any of these as gifts you’ll need to get them soon! I’m posting from most recent tweets as well, hence the backward running order!

Christmas Want 12: Channel your inner Classic Hollywood starlet in this beautiful capelet. Feathers are officially in. http://etsy.me/e1umEP

Christmas Want 11: A @giantdwarf Starlette Crown is the perfect way to accessorise this holiday season! http://etsy.me/ftwCCd

Christmas Want 10: Power women + fashion accessories = Cleo Ferin’s creations. I’m particularly fond of Calamity Jane…http://bit.ly/eUELUB

Christmas Want 9: For the little ones…something from Little Sapling Toys. Gorgeous wood toys and teething rings!http://etsy.me/hhwQKs

Christmas Want 8: This amazing metal antler hook from Formed&Found on @poppytalk ‘s handmade gift list! Perfect!http://bit.ly/evfT2o

Christmas Want 7: @skunkboy ‘s ridiculously cute owl ornament! This is a personal want, for sure! http://etsy.me/hw5Dxs (These have now sold out but there a few other very cute bits and pieces in the shop)

Christmas Want 6: Who doesn’t want a bow tie from @hidinginhere‘s Forage collection?! They are perfect in every way – http://forage.bigcartel.com/

Christmas Want 5: The perfect vintage knitting accessory. Keep those paws off your project in a vintage yarn holder!http://etsy.me/fZGpBv

Christmas Want 4: Always wanted a beard but not the hassle of growing one? Problem solved! http://etsy.me/fy9ovC

Christmas Want 3: Cupcake Kitten Hat Knitting Pattern by tinyowlknits (I’m knitting the deer hat pattern now!)http://etsy.me/af42sj (I actually bought this and am looking forward to knitting it up after Christmas – I’ve requested the wool as one of my gifties!)

Christmas Want 2: Original Silhouette Antlers ink drawing by @CharmaineOlivia http://etsy.me/9QzZmj

Christmas Want 1: Color Wheel Necklace from @yellowowlwkshop http://yellowowlworkshop.com/pendants.html

Now some of these gifts definitely blow the budget, others are very reasonably priced. The one thing you will recognise about all of these though is that they are all HANDMADE! Each and every item is supporting an artist, crafter or otherwise and I think that at Christmas time this is important. And when you give something like one of these gifts to your loved one/s they will know that you took the time and effort to find something special!

I can’t believe that it’s almost December (1 day away!!). This year has flown by sooooooo quickly and I can’t quite believe the year that I’ve had. Ups and downs, and I’m slightly glad it’s coming to an end. Although there are plenty of things that went well this year it’s possibly been the worst year of my life so far…but that’s for another post!!!

To end on a high, I’ll be posting a little more regularly again soon. I’m busy trying to make all my Christmas gifts but my fingers need a break from sewing, knitting and other crafty escapades and the computer has become that! Hehe. Until then….

xx Crafty Love from a Christmassy Crafty Fox xx


31 Aug

As you may have noticed, my posting here has been pretty sporadic lately. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues and have recently started a new job as a classroom assistant, which is challenging but enjoyable! It’s giving me new challenges to face each day I’m at work and I know I’m not going to have to deal with repetitive tasks (apart from maybe lesson plans) day in day out. Teaching is something I’ve had an interest in for a long time and I’ve recently made the decision to apply for a PGCE to teach Media Studies to 14-19 year olds! I’m currently in the process of writing out my personal statement and wondering how I can get it down to 47 lines!! Haha. I’ll get there eventually….

I’ve also been busy with my crafty escapades, some of which I’m still planning and some of which are soon-to-be-announced-but-currently-secret-squirrel-business. The only thing I can share is that it is a collaboration with an amazing lady – see if you can guess who it is (although I won’t tell until we decide to go public and you won’t win any prizes, sorry! Haha).

I’ve still been trying to keep up-to-date with all the blogs though and have seen some serious inspiration lately. It’s one thing I love about the blogging community…you’re never far away from something to brighten your day, make you look at things in a new light or spark a really good idea!! A few of my favourite pictures found either via blogs or flickr from the past few weeks…


three bun buns

(By the way, if anyone feels like being generous and buying me this necklace I’ll love you forever and a day! Well, I have to be a little cheeky here, haha! And it’s only $57.50 including shipping to the UK!)

I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time with friends old and new. It’s been great getting out of the house on nice days and wandering around various parts of London, searching for places and objects and coming across random jumble sales and things that would look great in my room/house!

Autumn is almost here too and I’m so in the mood for jumpers and woolly knit hats. And toffee nut lattes. We don’t get pumpkin spice over here which I’m a bit bummed out about but hopefully I’ll get to taste it one day! I’ll be back again soon with more of my alphabet and more posts about what I’m up to! I’ve missed you all and thanks for continuing to visit The Crafty Foxes!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

All images can be linked through to the original source/owner by clicking on them.

A is for Art

23 May

I’ve decided to start a new blog project to get ready for the transition from this one to the new one. It’s entitled ‘My Alphabet’ and each letter will be represented here by something I love, am inspired by, think is funny or cute or just plain bizarre! As soon as I get to letter Z, the new blog will be up and running and so will start a new phase in my blogging experience and your blog viewing!

So, we start with A is for Art.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in art. I loved drawing and painting as a child and art was one of my favourite lessons during my entire time at school.  I gave art a break during my 2 years at college. I had wanted to study art history but there weren’t enough students to warrant a class. This didn’t stop me drawing though and as soon as I turned 18, I started putting art on my body in the form of tattoos. I became an artist of a different kind after college and spent a year training as a make-up artist before I moved onto university and studied Film with History of Art/Architecture, Design and Film. During my degree I started appreciating art in a different way, giving thought to why I liked particular artists and discovering new artists that would inspire and influence me in the years to come.

Fast forward to now, and although I do not consider myself an artist, I cannot deny the importance art has had on my life and my work. Below are links to a few of my favourite artists and an example of their work (click the image for the link).




FAFI (I own the piece on the right – it was part of a limited run of 55 screen prints)






There are obviously so many more artists I admire and love the work of but to list them all would mean I’d be here for a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I can’t wait to do the rest of the alphabet!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Blog Feature: Our.City.Lights

17 Mar

I’ve decided to do a small featurette this week about one of my favourite blogs, our.city.lights. If you ever want a good, intelligent blog read, this blog is for you.

Diana is the creative mastermind behind our.city.lights and is a woman who seemingly has a knack and eye for photography. I was lucky enough to receive a preview print (above) of her photographs on an amazing new paper, Kodak Metallic Endura Paper. Now, 3D is one of those terms that is being tossed around nowadays – mainly in the film industry with the release of films such as Alice in Wonderland and Avatar. But in photography? I wouldn’t have thought so until I saw this print. The Metallic Endura Paper, for me anyway, literally makes the image jump out of the flat paper. I’ve never seen such depth to a photograph as I have with this paper. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, Diana!! And my boyfriend loves it too!!

Diana also has 2 etsy shops. Yes, two!! The first is her own  – city.light Photography, and features all of her wonderful photographs in print, card and paper form. Here are a few of the images available…

Number two is a more recent venture with Naomi of the gluttonous vegan – a little shop called ohsewdreamy, where they sell cute embroideries. Now we all know I have a soft spot for woodland creatures so these deer embroideries currently for sale in their etsy shop are exactly what my house needs to spruce it up!! If only I had those extra pounds in my pocket right now….

So if you haven’t been over to Miss Diana’s blog or shops yet, GO NOW!!!! Hehe, seriously an inspiring and intelligent lady that I’m grateful to have come across and hopefully will become great friends with. And Diana, I’ll be your guinea pig anytime!!! Hehe.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Thursday

14 Jan

Well, it’s getting late over here and I’m only just getting my Pretty Things Thursday post up. I’ve had a bit of a busy day in terms of being out for a couple of hours and filling out more application forms than I can shake a stick at! First things first though. If you haven’t read my blog post below please go to Janel’s blog, Run With Scissors – I’m one of her featured guest bloggers and have a little giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post and you’ll be entered! Simples!! Oh, and welcome to all the new readers that have come from her blog!!! I hope you like what you’ve seen!

I will admit I’ve been lagging behind a little bit in finding pretty things. I’ve been busy with my job applications so have been severely limiting my ‘looking at pretty things’ time and using it as a reward for when I get something important done! But I have found a few things that I can share with you today so fear not!!

Cute little squirelly brooches (my woodland animals obsession hasn’t shown any signs of letting up yet!!)

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge Blythe fan but Katie (of Skunkboy Creatures) did a customisation of this one and I love it! Is it strange to want to look like her? Hehe.

Katie also posted this picture on her blog today. It’s one of the cutest pictures I’ve seen in such a long time!! I just want to give the little Scout a hug! He’s such a little dude!! Love it!!

I love the simplicity of the photos Tif takes over at Dottie Angel. And I’m a sucker for the colours she uses and puts together in her crochet and portraits. I’m thinking of making a few garlands myself this year to try and add a bit of simple decoration to my flat.

I am going to make this blog post a short one today as I need to have an early night and be bright and sparky for tomorrow and whatever it brings me (probably more application forms, haha). I’m going to end my evening watching some trashy films (i.e. bad action films not rude ones!!) and carrying on knitting a scarf for my lovely boyfriend. He likes it so far and it should be finished by next week sometime…I’m giving myself a little while longer than most would as I’m still not as quick as seasoned knitters such as my mum and Vivianna!!

Have a great weekend people and I’ll be back on Sunday for the weekly round-up!! And leave some comment love too, I love hearing from my readers!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Baby showers and lonely dollops

24 May

So I can finally blog about some of the crafty bits I’ve been working on over the last few weeks! Yay! A few of the items were gifts for Lucy, one of my fellow Crafty Foxes, who is expecting her first baby. We had a baby shower for her today at her parent’s house and couldn’t have asked for such a perfect day weather wise for it. We had Bucks Fizz (and non-alcoholic versions), cucumber sandwiches, cupcakes (made by me) and an amazing blueberry muffin cheesecake from a local cafe (and also Lucy’s favourite). It’s the first baby shower I’ve been to as well and it was lots of fun just hanging out in the garden, eating and opening gifts.

So my contributions to the little man’s wardrobe included some hand-embroidered items. I am still yet to finish another couple of bits for him but had to give Lucy some of the pieces today.

Telling everybody that mama is crafty!

Telling everybody that mama is crafty!


The finished rocket ship from our second craft group meeting

The finished rocket ship from our second craft group meeting


lil rocker onesie (shaking those lighting booties!!)

lil rocker onesie (shaking those lighting booties!!)


So these were the pieces that I gave Lucy and had loads of fun doing them, although tangled thread got very frustrating at times. The crafty fox bib was my way of truly personalising something for her and I put a bit of her and her partner’s personalities into the onsesie, knowing that they both have a complete love of rock music! It was so much fun to do and such a quick and easy way of making something plain into something personal and beautiful. Can’t wait to finish off the other ones I have. (All patterns used on the onesies -apart from some of my freehand stitching- were from Sublime Stitching)

The other thing I did during this time was make a small plush toy for one of my friend’s at work. I bought the ‘Softies’ book a while back and when I took it into work, one of the guys I worked with expressed an interest for the lonely dollop, a poo shaped plush by Shawnimals. So I took it upon myself to make it.

Senor Dollop

Senor Dollop

I had to shrink the original pattern down as the felt I had wasn’t big enough, but it turned out okay. Wish I could have gotten a little more definition in the shape of the poo (I never thought I’d be saying that ever!! Haha), but on the whole the project was really quite easy and only took me a couple of hours to complete.

Well, that is all for today’s update but I will definately be better with my updates from now on as I have a plethora of ideas stored away for future projects!!

The third Crafty Foxes meeting

26 Apr
A woolly floor

A woolly floor

My first couple of rows of knitting!

My first couple of rows of knitting!

Lucy embroidering away

Lucy embroidering away

Kate behind her lush new crafting bag with knitting project!!

Kate behind her lush new crafting bag with knitting project!!

So the meeting went well once again. We were back to the 5 regular members of the group and it was fun to have a night of girly chat and learning new things! I successfully cast on for the first time in my life! Yay!! I’ve been knitting at regular intervals since and am finding the best way to knit for me. I was exhausted by the end of it though as I’d just got back from my Copenhagen holiday the night before and had been baking during the day for treats to take to the meeting.

And those treats were the following…

My rainbow psychedelic vanilla cupcakes

My rainbow psychedelic vanilla cupcakes

The idea came from one of my work collegues after he showed me an amazing picture of a full sized cake made in the same way and I knew it was something that I had to have a go at. The inside was the best bit though!



So this is a short post but I’m working on more things and will be posting about them soon enough!

Stuffed Hearts

3 Apr
My stuffed heart with felt and embroidered toadstools

My stuffed heart with felt and embroidered toadstools

I haven’t quite decided yet whether to use this as a pin cushion or if it’s my first attempt at plush toy making. It’s completely handsewn but I kept the wrong area open for stuffing with polyfill (instead of near the bottom point of the heart, I kept open one of the heart curves at the top). The thing is I’m still very new to all of this and making is all about finding out and making these mistakes. The piece would have looked more polished if I had machine sewed it, but seeing as I don’t have a sewing machine at the moment I’m unable to do so. I HAD to do the toadstools though – with a fabric like that who can’t?? The toadstool’s are each embroidered around the mushroom part and have a felt stem (stuck on with fabric glue).

I applied for a few jobs today, with the hope that one or more of them come through for me. I’m moving soon so have applied for jobs closer to where I’ll be in a couple of months. When I move I’m hoping to also have a nice little crafting area where I can have everything sorted and ready for me to make stuff with whenever the crafting urge takes me! I was also reading the Buy Handmade blog today – http://blog.buyhandmade.org/. It makes me sad that the US Government can be so unfair to small-time makers, most of whom make for the love of making (and making some, generally extra, money in the process) rather than for the purposes of taking over the world (although we all want to do that, maker or not, haha!!). Make sure you read it and support the movement – it doesn’t just affect those living and working in the US, it affects everyone making toys and clothing that could end up in the US for the 12 and unders too!

The Crafty Foxes meet again!

16 Mar

Tonight was the second meeting of the Crafty Foxes (my craft group). There were four of us tonight – myself, Lucy, Imy and Holly; and we had good times and good chats and lots of great crafting ideas as well as actual crafting! Knitting and embroidery were the flavours of the evening with the patterns I ordered from Sublime Stitching and the Sublime Stitching book being very popular indeed. As Lucy is expecting I broke out the secret surprise of babygro onesies and bibs to personalise for the little one once he is here! Soo exciting – Imy started on a racing car and I started on a rocket. I also finished my Kurt Halsey piece earlier on in the evening.

Lucy and Holly crafting away

Lucy and Holly crafting away

Imy busy embroidering away at a bib

Imy busy embroidering away at a bib

So a couple of pictures of the ladies crafting away! These photos were taken in the rare moments we weren’t gabbing away about the things life happens to throw at us!
My finished Kurt Halsey embroidery

My finished Kurt Halsey embroidery

A close up of the detail on the Kurt Halsey piece

A close up of the detail on the Kurt Halsey piece

A couple of pics of the finished Kurt Halsey piece. I really enjoyed doing this and I’m really looking forward to creating another piece with his designs/illustrations. And finally…
The start of one of the bibs for Lucy's little man

The start of one of the bibs for Lucy's little man

It was the ladies idea for the red rocket (I have to give them that) but it kick started me into the lime green for the nose and tail detail and I think it looks quite nice. It’s so much fun doing these – we’ve all got loads of different ideas so this baby will be the best dressed little boy in town!  We also had cupcakes (homemade by myself and lovingly decorated by Miss Lucy) and Imy bought some brownies, chocolates and chips and dip. Lucy did bring some lovely chocolate digestives too although we were too busy talking to start consuming those!
All the lovely snack bits we had to enjoy!

All the lovely snack bits we had to enjoy!

Oh, the fun! Can’t wait til next month now!!!