Feeling crafty again

7 May

I had a bit of an off day yesterday craft wise. I have so much that I could be doing and getting on with as well! Yesterday was my day of feeling like nothing was as good as it could be and that I was rubbish and just a general down day. But I turned things around in the evening after a moan to my boyfriend and sketched out a few ideas for a present I’m working on.

But today was completely different! I had a good day at work and when I got home joined a fabric swap run by Heidi Kenney of mypapercrane.com. It should be so much fun and now I have to choose the two fabrics that I want to cut up and to send to her! Yay! My crafting purpose and flair has re-emerged!

(Oh and sorry for the short and photoless blog but I had to get this off my chest and share)

One Response to “Feeling crafty again”

  1. The Parents May 10, 2009 at 8:00 am #

    Hi My Dear,

    That’s life unfortunately. Keep at it, your work is cute and very well done.

    Love xx

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