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Summertime is Busytime

2 Jul

As I haven’t posted properly in a while I thought I’d fill you in on a few things that are happening or have happened in my life recently.

The BUST Summer Craftacular is just over a week away on Saturday, July 10th and I’ve been prepping for that – both as a volunteer and a mini-seller. I’ve set up our official Twitter account (find us @CraftacularUK) which I think you should follow regardless of where you live in the world! We’re doing regular vendor features in the run up to the day itself and you might be find someone amazing!! All the vendors are great though and I think you should buy things from all of them! Full list of vendors can be found here. I can’t wait to see all the goodies that the vendors will be selling. So much fun!!

I also recently won a giveaway over at dear plastic – the lovely Yumi and Taka were celebrating No Plastic Day on 8th June and had a giveaway of some lovely goodies that fit in with the ethos of not using plastic, recycling and generally caring for our planet. The goodies included…

(Washi tape, o-check recycled notebook, ‘The Weather Makers’ by Tim Flannery – a pre-loved copy of course!!)

(This amazing original texta drawing by Yumi and Taka – for those who aren’t from Australia, a texta is a felt tip pen)

(This amazing customised eco-bag made from 100% Australian hemp/cotton. Keeping production local is such an important part of fighting the rate at which climate change is currently affecting the planet! It’s also available to buy in the dear plastic shop!!)

(Front and back covers of Yumi’s zine, which can also be bought from the dear plastic shop – it’s amazing and lovely!)

Yumi also has her first solo exhibition coming up in Paddington, Sydney (yes, as in Australia). I’m bummed I don’t live in Australia any longer so I’ll unfortunately be missing out on this but if you live in or near the area there is a link to the gallery on the Dear Plastic blog!!

And to fill you in on my life right now…..The last few weeks for me have been completely and utterly MENTAL! The first 5 months of this year were pretty uneventful bar the occasional birthday and interesting but sparse event. June, however, was crazy busy and the first 2 weeks of July aren’t looking much different! My first wholesale order is in the works (I’ll post more about this after I’ve finished it), I’m volunteering for the BUST Summer Craftacular London again, I’ve had a few job interviews in a very short space of time, I have a private view and exhibition of some of my work from the screenprinting course I enrolled on 10 weeks ago (private view is the same day as my boyfriend’s though and I have to go to his first), I’m planning the Autumn/Winter collections and new items for Crafty Foxes……..the list just goes on and on and on right now!

But I’m not complaining (too much anyway, haha). I tend to thrive when I’m working to a tight deadline – most of my best essays were written 1-2 days before they were due in! I can’t afford to leave it THAT late for the things I’m doing at the moment but the deadlines are looming and I’m finding myself more and more driven to work and get them done as soon as I possibly can.

Just one more quick thing, I’d like to say thank you if you’re reading this and you are a member of The Last Wednesday Knitting Club! I really appreciate people’s enthusiasm for it and all the people I have met so far are awesome! I’m hoping to make it better and better and take it to a new level over the next few months and new members are definitely helping give me the boost and push towards that. So thanks ladies!! (Yes, it has been only ladies so far apart from when my dad came along (he didn’t knit though)…..c’mon guys, you’re welcome too!!)

That’s me for now. I’m sure you’re sick of reading right now!! Here’s to a great weekend for everyone!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx