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Pretty Things Thursday

14 Jan

Well, it’s getting late over here and I’m only just getting my Pretty Things Thursday post up. I’ve had a bit of a busy day in terms of being out for a couple of hours and filling out more application forms than I can shake a stick at! First things first though. If you haven’t read my blog post below please go to Janel’s blog, Run With Scissors – I’m one of her featured guest bloggers and have a little giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post and you’ll be entered! Simples!! Oh, and welcome to all the new readers that have come from her blog!!! I hope you like what you’ve seen!

I will admit I’ve been lagging behind a little bit in finding pretty things. I’ve been busy with my job applications so have been severely limiting my ‘looking at pretty things’ time and using it as a reward for when I get something important done! But I have found a few things that I can share with you today so fear not!!

Cute little squirelly brooches (my woodland animals obsession hasn’t shown any signs of letting up yet!!)

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge Blythe fan but Katie (of Skunkboy Creatures) did a customisation of this one and I love it! Is it strange to want to look like her? Hehe.

Katie also posted this picture on her blog today. It’s one of the cutest pictures I’ve seen in such a long time!! I just want to give the little Scout a hug! He’s such a little dude!! Love it!!

I love the simplicity of the photos Tif takes over at Dottie Angel. And I’m a sucker for the colours she uses and puts together in her crochet and portraits. I’m thinking of making a few garlands myself this year to try and add a bit of simple decoration to my flat.

I am going to make this blog post a short one today as I need to have an early night and be bright and sparky for tomorrow and whatever it brings me (probably more application forms, haha). I’m going to end my evening watching some trashy films (i.e. bad action films not rude ones!!) and carrying on knitting a scarf for my lovely boyfriend. He likes it so far and it should be finished by next week sometime…I’m giving myself a little while longer than most would as I’m still not as quick as seasoned knitters such as my mum and Vivianna!!

Have a great weekend people and I’ll be back on Sunday for the weekly round-up!! And leave some comment love too, I love hearing from my readers!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Thursday

7 Jan


Yes. Pretty Things Thursday is making it’s first appearance of 2010. Things have been quite tough as I explained in my last post, and my first week of the New Year was particularly bad but it’s been slowly getting better. And to celebrate this I’ll show you some of the images I’ve found that have been making it get better and prettier!

(click on images for credit/source)

(Yes, I do have a recent obsession with Noro wool.)

(This photo makes me feel warm and cosy.)

And some pretty fabrics I’ve found on Purl Soho’s website…

It’s been soooo cold here in the UK recently with snow falling almost every single day for the last week in some places. The one message I have for everyone experiencing the cold snap is…

There is nothing worse than being stuck outside in this weather with the wrong kinds of clothing on! I often wonder about those girls (and sometimes guys) who go out on Friday and Saturday in next to nothing in weather like this. When it’s this cold it’s just plain unsafe so if you know someone planning to go out in skimpy clothing tell them to take a pair of jeans and thick socks and a huge-ass coat too! Haha.

But seriously, if you also know an old person who doesn’t like using their electricity in the winter because of rising costs please look after them and take care of them. There are so many elderly people who die every year because they worried about how much their heating would cost them and so didn’t turn it on! I’m thinking of starting a blanket knitting group so extra blankets can be given to those who need them the most in these cold, cold months. If anyone is interested in joining, let me know. Or if you know of any groups out there already who distribute blankets to the homeless and elderly, send me their contact details and ask them yourself if they have a blanket donation scheme running!

Well, that rounds off the first Pretty Things Thursday of 2010!! I hope you enjoyed looking at the pretty things that have been helping me and inspiring me lately! Oooh, one last thing. This recently came into my posession. Suitable for a crafty fox, no? Hehe.

Well, toodle pip for now!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Thursday

5 Nov

After a week away, Pretty Things Thursday is back! Yay! I’ve been having some time off work so it’s given me a chance to find lots of pretty things in all sorts of places.

Holiday journal

I’m really getting into journalling lately, thanks to this lady, and the photos of all her art journals are getting the creative and journalling juices going. I haven’t done it for a while but it’s slowly becoming one of my favourite things to do again.

Fleece baubles

Christmas has started already for me as I’m handmaking each of the Christmas gifts I’m giving this year. Heidi Kenney’s amazing plushie baubles are a great decoration for the holidays and for those who’ve broken their fair share of the glass ones over the years! Hehe.

Amazing giveaway

Possibly the cutest giveaway I’ve seen in a while over at Elsie’s blog. Of course I entered, and I also entered for my sister, who right now is very deserving of a pick-me-up/random present.

Sad robots

This picture makes me happy and so sad for the poor little robots all at the same time! My heart just dies and smiles – it’s sooooo gosh darn CUTE!!!


My favourite image on this long collage is the very top one. A little bit of knit graffiti always goes down well with me and how pretty is it? I’ve only recently found this ladies blog, but it’s very inspiring. Check her out.

So, it’s 11.49pm here in London, so I better blog this before Thursday officially ends!! Hope you’ve all had good days out there.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


Pretty Things Thursday

22 Oct

My shifts at work at the moment have been pretty regular which is nice and for the next few Thursday’s I’m working a late shift, which means that I have the whole morning to devote to things I enjoy doing! It also means that my Pretty Things Thursday posts will be up in the morning rather than me panicking about doing them after work in the evening.

So pretty things this week include…

Craft room

(click photo for credit)

This craft room. I’m aching for a room of my own at the moment. I currently share my sewing space with my boyfriend’s studio/drawing space. It works but I’ve still managed to move half of my stuff into the living room and onto the dining table. I need better storage and once I have that it’ll be okay…but I’d still LOVE my own room for just MY stuff, hehe.

Lovely room

(click photo for credit)

Ms Denbow strikes again with her amazing style and taste! Once I have a house that I can call my own, I hope that it’ll look half as pretty as hers!

Pretty tea cups

(click photo for credit)

I have an amazing weakness for anything that involves tea party paraphernalia. I’ve been to Afternoon Tea at the Berkley Hotel a couple of times and loved it – if you live in London and love fashion it’s a must do, it’s called Pret-A-Portea and it’s soooo cute. If I had more space I would collect more tea cups and cake stands (although I have 5 cake stands already).

Pretty suitcases

(click photo for credit)

I love these suitcases. That’s all I have to say about them. -sigh-

Pretty yarn in a basket

(click photo for credit)

Pretty displays

(click photo for credit)

And finally a couple of photos from the wonderful Miss Elsie, who continually inspires me. I love the display she has in her kitchen. I have quite a few small prints that I need to display somehow and this is such a good way of doing it.

So have a great day people. Enjoy the pretty things this Thursday and I’ll be back soon for more blogging action.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

19 Oct

I know it’s Monday so this is technically the Monday Round Up, but I’m keeping the name as Sunday. I had all intentions of posting last night but I had a busy day and then went to a friend’s house and stayed a wee bit later than I said I would, got home and just went to bed.

So what’s been going on this week? I’ve managed to crochet myself a pair of fingerless mittens!

Fingerless mittens!

These are my practice pair – as you can see I managed to make to one on the left a little bit smaller (it was my first one though!!) I’ve got to make a pair for a friend at work so this was good practice for me and gives me a pair of fingerless mittens that make me feel good because I made them! I’m going to add a small crochet flower to each of them too, to give them that extra something.

I went a bit flickr crazy as well this weekend and added loads of pictures to my favourites. Here are a few of them…

Norwegian Wood

(click photo for credit)

Lots of lovely yarn

(click photo for credit)

Perler leaves

(click photo for credit)

These three photos definitely catalogue my main obsessions right now – owls, wool/yarn and Perler/Hama beads. I can’t get enough of them and love just being able to create with the latter two and finding cute owls to add to my collection wherever I travel.

I also have a small collaboration in the works with my boyfriend as he came up with some great ideas for things to sell in my shop – just over a month to go until it’s live!! I can’t wait. This month is going to be a busy one I’m sure.

On another note…..

Christmas Craftacular!!

IT’S BACK!! And I’ll be helping out again, yay! I had so much fun helping at the summer one that of course I would jump at the opportunity to help again. It’s at York Hall in Bethnal Green again, entry ¬£2, goodie bags, 12pm-7pm. December 12th is a Saturday and if you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for someone this will be a great place to find it!

Vendor applications close on 6th November so apply away. Still have over 2 weeks to do so and it is such a great opportunity. Don’t miss out!! Although I would have loved to have had a stall, it’s still not financially viable for me right now – I need to build up a stall fund or something!! Haha.

So, that’s your day-late Sunday Round Up! I’m off to crochet some granny squares before I go to work. I’ve got a whole morning as I’m on the late shift which doesn’t start until 1.45pm!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Thursday

15 Oct

I’ve decided to add a new little feature to my blog called “Pretty Things on Thursday”. It’ll be a weekly Thursday post about, well, pretty things! Haha.

1) I was recently alerted to Fifi Lapin and her blog by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. It’s amazing and the illustrations are just magical. Extremely pretty indeed.


(click photo for credit)

2) My small mention of Elsie made me realise that it would be silly not to put her in my list of pretty things for this Thursday. I really admire her style, her art and her love for her shop and the products she puts in it. Blogging everyday isn’t easy either, as well as being half of the teaching team for the RVA Autumn Craft Class I’m taking at the moment. She is just an amazing woman who creates very pretty things.

RVA Fort

RVA Girls

Mrs Fox Elsie

(click photos for credit)

3) My new obsessions are wool and buttons. I just can’t get enough of either. I’m constantly on the look out for the right colours for possible crochet and knitting projects and for more buttons to add to my stash. I was recently at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace and was in complete heaven. I just wish I had more money to spend!!

The Stash

Yarn thread

Yarn thread

(my photos above)

Elsie's Yarn

(click on photo for credit)

Rachel's Yarn

(click photo for credit)

Vivianna's Mittens

(click photo for credit)

Well, it’s only a short one but I’ll have more for you next Thursday!! I’m excited about this being a regular feature – I have so many more ideas of what I can have each week. Yay! Hope your Thursday has been good to you!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx