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Guest Blogging over at Polka Dot Robot

14 Apr

I’m one of the many bloggers that is helping Polka Dot Robot and Vivianna celebrate 500 blog posts! Amazing! I can’t imagine posting that many but I’m sure it will soon come!

My guest post is on photography and the cameras I use. I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be back tomorrow for important announcement number 1!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Blog Feature

12 Mar

Hey y’all. This is just a quick one to say go over to Vivianna’s blog at Polka Dot Robot where I’m this week’s Feature Friday blogger!

I love Vivianna’s blog and I’m very honoured to be featured over there! It makes me smile…LOTS!! Right, I’m off to the UK premiere of Whip It this evening…..sooooooo excited! What a great way to start the weekend, huh? Hope you all have great plans for the weekend ahead! Have a good one and I’ll be back on Sunday!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up (on Saturday)

27 Feb

So, what has been offered up to me this week? A heck of a lot, that’s what. My week ended up being bizarrely busy and unpredictable and next week looks pretty much the same. For these reasons I missed Pretty Things Thursday and am posting this a little bit early. This week also happens to be the run up to my birthday so I know that there will be a very late Sunday Round Up next week but probably not much else as I’m going back to my parent’s house for a couple of days and then coming back to London with them in time for my birthday party/celebrations.

This week has bought a few unexpected surprises. I finally went “Urban Rambling” with my sister. We got up early this morning and had the most relaxing and peaceful walk through what are considered busy and congested parts of London. It’s something we are going to be doing regularly, not only because of the health and fitness benefits but also as we both enjoyed it and it means we get to spend some sisterly time together – something that we don’t do enough of seeing as we live so close to each other! I can’t wait for the next walk…it’s on my birthday and we’re stopping off at the Betsey Johnson store afterwards to get me some birthday goodies!! Yay! I do have the bestest sister in the world, EVER!!

After our walk today we went to the final Lady Luck Rules OK yard sale – they’re closing the store down and turning it into a gallery/store space – and got some sweet, sweet booty! (I mean this in the pirate sense, of course, and don’t mean we got some sweet, sweet ass! Hahahaha!) Below is a picture of my bits and pieces that I can’t wait to get creating with! (And everything I bought was £3 or under!!! Amazing!!)
Lady Luck Rules Ok!?

This week also bought a few treats, including this from Polka Dot Robot (it’s been used a few times already)…
Coffee Cozy from PDR
This yummo Red Velvet Cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery
And my first Bubble Tea from a small Asian foods supermarket not too far from where I live (it was super yummy and I want another one soon!!)…
Mango Bubble Tea

Although I’ve been perusing the blogs, I haven’t really been saving anything or taking much stuff in. It’s been a funny week like that. Next week is one that will require a lot of stamina. I’m not readily prepared to share why with everyone but it’s times like these where I really hope some higher being is looking down on me and my family and watching over us, protecting us all and keeping us safe and well (even though the latter is not the case right now). Prayers and good/happy thoughts will be appreciated and thankfully received, not only by myself but my family also. A few people know that these reasons will keep me away from here more than I want but there are some things more important than blogging, especially health and that of loved ones. I just hope you can understand too.

Well, I hope to update again this week but the aforementioned reasons may stop me from doing so. Bear with me…the regular blogging schedule will resume again at some point. And thank you for reading all this way too! Hehe. Hope you have had a great weekend and a

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

21 Feb

First off, apologies for not being here this week. I’ve had a few personal issues I’ve needed to deal with and they always suck the creativity out of me. But the end of this week was better (apart from Saturday and having to deal with the mother of all hangovers!!) and I’m finally feeling like being creative again.

So what’s been inspiring me this week? A new work in progress to go along with my several others, hehe, exciting new artists/illustrators and a fun online class I’ll be taking part in.

1) My new work-in-progress

It’s from the book, Meet Me At Mike’s by Pip Lincolne. The project has introduced me to a new stitch – the chevron, and has provided me with much inspiration for other sewing and crafty projects. There are 26 projects in all and it’s such a great book to have if you enjoy crafting as much as I do (patterns are also included for the various sewing projects). Oh and take a trip to Pip’s blog here if you haven’t been over there already!

2)Exciting New Artists and Illustrators

I picked up these funky bits and pieces from the Alternative Press Fair last weekend. The drawn stickers on the left, the bag and the print are by an artist called Kristyna Baczynski. The stickers I’ve got on display are some of my favourites from the packs she was selling on the day (the bags were drawn on as well so I got an original illustration, woo hoo!) and the print was one of two I picked up for the ever-so-pricey sum of £1. Yes, you heard me…..£1!!! Amazing. It was my favourite print of hers. The other stickers were ones I picked up from another stall – the photographer is a lady called Vicky Stevenson and her small stickers had my name all over them (she also has an etsy shop). I’ll probably use them in the art journalling class I’m taking part in, which nicely leads me onto number 3.

3) Quiet Nights Art Journal Class

This class has now sold out but is being run by my friend, Vivianna. I’m looking forward to it so much. Viv’s is the lady who first got me into journalling and I’m looking forward to learning a few new tips and tricks and also getting some mega inspiration from an amazingly talented teacher and class. I’ll be sure to share a few pages from my journals here and maybe share a bit of inspiration you can take away with you!

So there you go. A few bits of fun stuff that I hope you’ll check out and that will inspire you this week! I’ll be resuming regular posting this week so be sure to drop by for some new goodness I’ll have to share! Hope you’re weekend has been a good one and that you have a fantastic Monday! And Tuesday! And Wednes………! Hehe.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

7 Feb

I’ve had quite a bit of time at home this week (which makes me a bit nervous as it means no money) but it’s given me some time to get non-creative things done. However once those non-creative things are out of the way, I’ve been able to look at things that help get my creative mind flowing again.

I’ve read about Uppercase on many blogs but never got around to buying a copy until now. I’m so glad I did – amazing interviews, articles and artwork!! But I’m also really sad as both Issue 1 and 2 have sold out!! I’m one of those people who likes to have complete collections and without those two issues I’m stuck. Humph. Anyone out there have a spare copy of either or know where I can get them from? (Thanks in advance!!)

I love the colours in this photo, taken by Rachel over at Smile and Wave of thumb hearts made by her son. It also reminds me that Valentine’s Day is a week away! Which leads me onto the next photo…

I bought these from Something’s Hiding in Here a week ago and they finally arrived yesterday. I was initially going to give one to my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day but they were smaller than I thought they would be (me not reading the size scale) so I thought it’s be cute to give him one early. He likes them – we both appreciate good design and love letterpress stuff. I’m a huge fan of Something’s Hiding in Here too and would like one of their wooden rings when I get some money in my pocket. And sticking with valentine’s themed stuff…

Vivianna over at Polka Dot Robot has been experimenting with TTV effects and one of the results was this wonderful picture of some knitted hearts that were part of the PDR shop update that also happened this week. I did succumb and bought myself a knitting pattern and a coffee cozy, but I know I’m supporting a friend and small business so I don’t mind spending a little!

And here are some random delights that have made my week a lot more colourful and inspiring…

About to be made/melted into cupcake-shaped rainbow crayons!! Heidi over at My Paper Crane has some pretty darn good ideas for party favours and treats for kiddo’s if you’re ever stuck!

The appropriately named Candy Sprinkles sock yarn, available over at Studioloo. One word – YUM!!

These lovely crocheted circles are some of the inspiration for a gift I’m currently making for someone. Which I need to get cracking with, eek! I love the colour combinations.

So that’s the round up for this week! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and have found something that has inspired you. I’ve got an interesting week ahead that I have to prepare for so I might not be blogging as much. Leave some comment love and go visit the people that I’ve linked to in this blog post. They’re all amazing! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and a good week ahead.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Thursday – Birthday Wishes

4 Feb

Pretty Things Thursday has been hijacked this week! It’s my birthday in just over a month and to celebrate this and to drop hints to friends and family if they want to get me something, I give you my birthday wishes. Everyone loves a wishlist now and then!

(click the image for credit and links)

Marc Jacobs:


Cute veneer postcards:

A Skunkboy Creatures animal:

Craft Supplies:

Noro Kureyon wool:

Shades #209, #170, #250, #256, #188, #240, #215, #255, #…….Hehe, most of the shades are favourites.

(Image Credit)

Or, I could just be taken wool shopping at Loop, John Lewis and/or Prick Your Finger!! There’s something I love in each of them!

There are a few other things on my list like vintage buttons and lace doilies and vintage letterpress letters spelling out ‘Crafty Foxes’. I do get a little excited by my birthday and I’m looking forward to it this year. It’ll give me a chance to see friends from around London again who I miss terribly but don’t have enough cash to go visit!

Katja also put a birthday gift list up on her blog (our birthdays are a day apart) so if you’re feeling super generous and want to buy us gifts go check it out! Not that we expect anyone to! It’s more just a huge hint drop to our families, friends and loves! Hehe.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Friday

29 Jan

I’m a day late! I’m sorry! I had a job interview yesterday (all fingers crossed) and then had to work in the evening at an event so Thursday was a bit of a wash-out so to speak. But I’m here now and ready to share pretty things!

This week I’ve decided to give you a tour of some of my favourite blogs. No, if you’re blog isn’t here and you know I read it, please don’t take it the wrong way! I love you all but if I was to put all of the blogs I read here it would take forever to list them all……..and I wouldn’t have another “blogs I like” blog post to write! Onto round one of some of my favourite blogs…

Elsie’s blog, which I’ve mentioned many times before on here, is one of my favourites. She has to be one of the most inspiring young business women I’ve come across and is in the position I would like to be in come 3 years time (and that’s my maximum time limit). I love Elsie’s illustration and painting style, the tutorials she posts and the hints and tips she gives to those girls and guys like me who are trying to get started but just aren’t sure where to start. A visit to Red Velvet Art (her real-life store) is also on my to-do-list as soon as I save enough money to go on holiday!

Katie’s blog is a more recent favourite. I’m a huge fan of the plush creatures she creates (and I’m standing by my computer for the next update to make sure I can get one of the lovelies!!) and love the style she has created for them. I recently participated in a craft swap Katie hosted and enjoyed it muchly (although I was a bit sad Katie wasn’t my swap partner, hehe, that would have been sooo cool!!). Oh, and if you have a love for vintage dresses and pretty dresses in general you have to go visit her blog!!

Leigh-Ann is another great inspiration for me. I bought one of her photobooth albums from RVA last year and fell in love with her crafting style. Each creation LA makes is unique and wonderful which for me is a huge part of their charm. She is also another good tutorial poster, and is currently holding a worldwide pincushion swap! Sign ups are until 1st February so if you want to take part go put your name down now!

I love Polka Dot Robot: FACT. Vivianna is amazing: FACT. I love the knitted and crocheted wares that the ladies over at PDR make and at some point will get around to actually buying something (specifically the Fox Hat I’ve posted here a few times). Vivs blogs are really inspiring and she’s the person who got me into art journalling and without knowing it, has single handedly made me want to become a better knitter (who wouldn’t want her mad knitting skills?! Hehe).

So that’s the first 4 featured blogs that I think deserve a mention, especially in my pretty things category! If you haven’t been to their blogs before go and visit and show them some love! And if you have, you have amazing taste! I might make this another weekly feature, instead of it encroaching into my other blog posts. It means that I’d be able to feature a lot more blogs on my list and I can have specific features too if someone wants to promote themselves. Tell me what your thoughts are and whether you’d like this feature to become regular!

Well, it’s almost the weekend! Hope you all have a good one and I’ll see you on Sunday!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

24 Jan

Today’s Sunday Round Up is dedicated to my favourite woodland (and London suburbs) animal, the FOX! In all the time I’ve had this blog I’ve not done a dedicated blog post to foxes – how this has happened, I don’t know! Without further ado, this Crafty Fox will show you a few of my favourite foxy things.

As Silje says in the description for this print, “It’s 2010, and the fox is the new owl!”. I love this print and if I get a reasonably well-paid job, this will be my reward as soon as payday arrives!!!

I love this print by studiolyon on etsy. It’s so simple and I like the woodgrain effect that’s been blended in behind the fox’s fur.

One of my favourite things is this craft kit from Red Velvet Art. Elsie’s drawings are sooooo cute! Loves!

These foxes from Sleepy King have been on my wishlist for a while. Little Red is my favourite!

I saw this print on etsy a while ago and was suckered in by the little sleeping fox on the girl’s head. I love this style of painting too so it’s a winner for me!

A fox on a bike? Why not?! Haha.

I linked to this a couple of posts ago and bought it recently as a small gift to myself (I’d been eyeing it up for a while and Lady Luck had a New Year’s half price sale. It was meant to be! Hehe). It’s currently my most worn necklace!

And finally, a favourite from the ladies over at Polka Dot Robot. Genius!

I’ve got a few posts planned for this week, including a look at my current WiP’s (work-in-progress’s). I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have a fun week ahead!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

10 Jan

This week has been a busy one for me. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for work and hopefully one of my applications will be successful soon! Please keep your fingers and toes crossed (and a prayer or two would be appreciated if you say them!) – I am getting pretty desperate for work as I don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen week after week. This is the first time I’ve been unemployed (and it wasn’t be choice) so it’s a little scary and why I might seem so worried about it too!

Apart from job hunting, I’ve also been catching up on some knitting and crocheting that needed doing. It includes 3 scarves, 1 hat and 2 pairs of fingerless gloves. So far I’ve almost finished one scarf for my boyfriend’s cousin (I’m on the final stretch now!) and then I’m going to try and master knitting with circular needles. I really want to do things the easy way and gloves and hats are easier to make with circular needles! Wish me luck with that one!! (Oh and Vivs, be prepared for a few emails/tweets with the subject line “HEEEEEEELLLLLLLP!”, haha).

Sticking with the knitting theme, I’ve got a new wool obsession. Noro. I admit that I used to bunch it in with the regular self striping wool you usually get for socks (in variegations that I usually don’t like). However I had an epiphany when I saw these finglerless gloves Vivianna was knitting…

The colours of this particular variegation just melted my heart as soon as I saw them. So, naturally I’ve been looking all over the place to try and find the best pictures to show how each different ball of wool knits up. I found some very nice pictures courtesy of Ravelry…(each picture links to the pattern – you will need a Ravelry account to access them.)

(P.S. If anybody wants to get me some Noro wool for my birthday in March, it’ll be greatly appreciated!! I have succumbed and bought a couple of balls as I want to try out a project or two but they are one of the pricier wools available on the shelves although for their quality they’re quite reasonably priced compared to others!!)

So what else has been inspiring me this week?

Inspiration Board

My new inspiration board. I’ve been trying to fill it with all the things I need to keep me inspired and that have recently been inspiring me. I do the majority of my crafting in the living room on the sofa and this sits exactly opposite where I usually park my bum. It’s been a good way for me to really think about what my inspirations are for the things I want to make over the next few weeks, months and years (Jamie, your photo was the first thing to go on there!!).

Oh and for those of you who like peeks into the craft areas of other people, say hello to my yarn stash…

The Yarn Stash

It’s not the best picture (I guess everyone knows how good natural light is in the winter when it’s not sunny!!) but this is what I own. There are projects in mind for quite a few of the skeins that are shown. I just have to actually sit down and make them. But I have a serious motivation for that now as I’m finally sitting down and writing a business plan and timeline. Everytime I get one thing done I will be able to sit down and do a just-for-me project…and believe me, there are A LOT of just-for-me projects I want to do, haha.

So that’s my Sunday Round Up for this week, and again the first of the New Year! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and please keep your fingers crossed for me that something comes along soon in the job department! I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and have a fantastic week ahead. And let me know if you’ve got any Noro projects on the go and I’ll link them on here!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

15 Nov

Oh, what an interesting week it’s been!! As well as being back at work, there have been a number of things happening at home that have required some of my time – namely trying to contact out estate agent as we’ve had 2 incidents with water leaking into our flat from the flat above AND through a closed window when it was raining heavily! It’s really a lot of fun when the latter happens on a Saturday and no-one at the office picks up their phone even though you call during the hours they say they are there!! But enough ranting from me, haha.

This week has also given me a big kick in the backside to start and finish some Christmas presents that need to be sent by early December to Australia. My meme (grandmother) and brother live over there and I want them to be able to open their gifts on Christmas Day. It’s such a pain that they have to be sent early but it also gets me into gear for making all the presents!

I really should give you a few pictures to look at now of things that have inspired me and caught my eye this week, hehe.


Happy Mail!!

For those of you who don’t know what Happy Mail is, it’s basically anything that isn’t bills or junk mail. More precisely it’s those little gifts you get when you don’t expect it that contain something nice and thoughtful. They could be from someone you know or not but they make your day when you get them. Jamie over at Inspired Mess started this Happy Mail swap. If you want to take part check out the Happy Mail blog. I’ve chosen to take part and can’t wait to send and receive packages! It makes like a little bit more interesting and fun!


ryantoon-shopfont Ryantoon

Rob Ryan has long been an influence and love of mine. His lasercut images are seriously TO DIE FOR. I love the intricacy and delicacy of the lasercuts and the messages that he puts into each and every one of them. I went to visit the shop today not realising that it’s become Ryantoon (which ends today). If you ever come to London I definitely recommend a visit to his shop on Columbia Road. It’s also a flower market and there are plenty of other cute shops and stalls to visit. And if you’re not near London or planning on visiting anytime soon, he also has an etsy shop where you can peruse and purchase some of his lovely items.


Fox Hat from PDR

I’ve recently been given my first commission for a handmade scarf and it’s these kind of creations by the ladies over at Polka Dot Robot who keep me inspired and creative in terms of the things I create through crochet and knitting. They break boundaries in terms of what seems safe and have proved hugely popular so far and I wish them all the success for the future!! I also have a huge soft spot for this hat right now (one of their new creations), being the Crafty Fox that I am, hehe.

4) And here are a few images that I’ve made favourites on flick recently and thought you might enjoy.

(click on images for credit/source)

Rainbow Matryoshka's


Vinatge packaging

Crochet circle

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round up this week. I’m ready for a new week to start and things to finally be sorted out, and for lots more creative inspiration. Hopefully I’ll have quite a few things to share during this week as I’m keen to try out a few personal projects as well as get started on all my Christmas ones for family and friends. Have a great week and I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx