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My World Through Instagram

6 Jun

Everyone has been using Instagram for a long time (including me) but I’ve never really posted any of my pictures from it on here. Here is my little collage of some of the photos I’ve taken.

1. Please wait here until you are useful. Thank you. #graffiti #eastlondon, 2. New Marc by Marc Jacobs glasses and newly oranged hair!, 3. Kola Colour Filters for all my photography devices! Sweet!, 4. Royal Opera House, London. Watching amazing ballet right now!, 5. New Dress & New Cardi = Perfect Ballet Outfit. Royal Opera House, here I come!, 6. Coffee and Peppermint Tea in Bristol., 7. Ducky Jnr – the baby duck I rescued after he/she fell off a roof opposite my house and took to the vet., 8. Pretty Painted Shop Window., 9. I have new Hasbeens! Thanks mamma!, 10. Coolest bathroom ever., 11. Pretty Dress. Maybe On Payday…., 12. I heart Swedish Hasbeens., 13. Big Ass Poppies!!

xx Crafty Love from the Crafty Fox xx

Photo Diary Since The Last Blog Post

16 Dec

My Cousin Sent Me Four @frankieMagazine - She's Awesome.
Another Present In Progress.
Catching Up In Blogs.
The Sylvanian Families Set Up Of My Dreams.
Current Display at Prick Your Finger.
My Antlers Are Drying.
Pastel Tyres

All of these photos are from my iPhone and have been edited using Instagram. The best way to explain it is that it’s like Twitter and Flickr mixed together without the spam and with cool editing features integrated into it. I love it and can’t stop using it! My favourite app so far!

I’m busy knitting Christmas presents at the moment hence why I haven’t posted since the beginning of the month but hopefully after Christmas I’ll have lots to blog about and we can resume the blogging year once again! I hope you’re all well and having a happy holiday season!

xx Crafty Love from the Crafty Fox xx


31 Aug

As you may have noticed, my posting here has been pretty sporadic lately. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues and have recently started a new job as a classroom assistant, which is challenging but enjoyable! It’s giving me new challenges to face each day I’m at work and I know I’m not going to have to deal with repetitive tasks (apart from maybe lesson plans) day in day out. Teaching is something I’ve had an interest in for a long time and I’ve recently made the decision to apply for a PGCE to teach Media Studies to 14-19 year olds! I’m currently in the process of writing out my personal statement and wondering how I can get it down to 47 lines!! Haha. I’ll get there eventually….

I’ve also been busy with my crafty escapades, some of which I’m still planning and some of which are soon-to-be-announced-but-currently-secret-squirrel-business. The only thing I can share is that it is a collaboration with an amazing lady – see if you can guess who it is (although I won’t tell until we decide to go public and you won’t win any prizes, sorry! Haha).

I’ve still been trying to keep up-to-date with all the blogs though and have seen some serious inspiration lately. It’s one thing I love about the blogging community…you’re never far away from something to brighten your day, make you look at things in a new light or spark a really good idea!! A few of my favourite pictures found either via blogs or flickr from the past few weeks…


three bun buns

(By the way, if anyone feels like being generous and buying me this necklace I’ll love you forever and a day! Well, I have to be a little cheeky here, haha! And it’s only $57.50 including shipping to the UK!)

I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time with friends old and new. It’s been great getting out of the house on nice days and wandering around various parts of London, searching for places and objects and coming across random jumble sales and things that would look great in my room/house!

Autumn is almost here too and I’m so in the mood for jumpers and woolly knit hats. And toffee nut lattes. We don’t get pumpkin spice over here which I’m a bit bummed out about but hopefully I’ll get to taste it one day! I’ll be back again soon with more of my alphabet and more posts about what I’m up to! I’ve missed you all and thanks for continuing to visit The Crafty Foxes!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

All images can be linked through to the original source/owner by clicking on them.

pictographs of my so called life

3 Jun

Pictographs is the word I get when I mix pictures and photographs in my head. I don’t know if anyone else uses it but I do. And does anyone else make up words by mixing two together? Bad example – chillax = chill+relax. Let me know if you do. I’m always on the lookout for new words to use and confuse people with! Haha.

So I thought I’d share with you a few pictures I’ve taken on my iPhone over the last week or so. Most have been taken with apps and I’ll put the links up here if you want to check them out.

(1,2,3+4 – ShakeIt; 5 – CrossProcess; 6+7 – Hipstamatic)

My mum and I visited the Hummingbird Bakery today (my second time this week after going with Kim) and I had to take before and after pictures of our time there! Yummy, yummy Red Velvet Cupcake with cream cheese frosting for me and a Chocolate Cupcake with chocolate icing and sprinkles for my mum, both with soya lattes. We also had lunch together at an amazing vegan/vegetarian cafe in Bethnal Green called The Gallery Cafe. It’s one of my favourite places and they have loads of events (both free and pay for) which are worth going along too. Whilst we were in Central London we also stopped by Cloth House on Berwick Street and I got some nice striped jersey fabric to make a skirt out of, using this tutorial I found through Toni’s blog.

The other pictures have stories which I’d love to share also, but at the moment I don’t have the time to. If you want to know about them then leave me a comment and I’ll fill you in! For now, I’ll leave you to get on with your Thursday. I’m working on my ‘C’ post for My Alphabet and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

I Heart Polaroids

18 May

Much like a lot of people in the blogging community, I am a huge fan of analog photography. Film gives a photo a completely different effect than one taken on a digital camera and edited or processed in Photoshop. I took a few Polaroids to celebrate ‘Roid Week 2010 and thought I’d share those and others here as well as some of my favourite polaroids and lomo photographs from others that I’ve added to my Flickr favourites.

(All images without credit have been taken by me. If you want to put them on your blog or WeHeartIt please give credit. For credit on other images please click on photograph).

1. seaside heights new jersey, 2. Yarn – Polaroid Week, day 5 –, 3. tea, 4. last summer, 5. Red In The Sun, 6. jesus shaves, 7. jump! for Birthdays!!!, 8. Her Name Is Luna, 9. ‘Roid Week 2010, 10. follow me there, a beautiful somewhere, 11. Dalek, 12.

(A couple of the photos haven’t turned up as the persons opted out of having their pictures used by 3rd party organisations but the links are still there so check them out!!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I know I haven’t been posting much lately but I’m getting ready to do a lot of blogging from next week as I’ll be holed up at home for most of it. My wisdom teeth are coming out this time next week so I’ll have a whole lot of time on my hands (and half a hamster face too, haha!!).

Thanks for stopping by if you’ve recently discovered my blog and thank you to my regular blog readers and followers for putting up my sporadic blogging recently!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Guest Blogging over at Polka Dot Robot

14 Apr

I’m one of the many bloggers that is helping Polka Dot Robot and Vivianna celebrate 500 blog posts! Amazing! I can’t imagine posting that many but I’m sure it will soon come!

My guest post is on photography and the cameras I use. I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be back tomorrow for important announcement number 1!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Thursday (on a Friday)

2 Apr

I realise that I haven’t posted one of these for a little while and I have been finding and saving pictures of lots of pretty things! This post I’m going to let the pictures do the talking so enjoy them.

(click on pictures for credit/source)

(This is my first ever illustration completed in Adobe Illustrator – what better for a geeky crafty girl than black rimmed glasses?! Hehe)

And I leave you with my own personal motto…

I just wanted to say thank you for all the visits and comments on my blog lately. They are such a lovely thing to see and read and even if I do not reply to each one of them, please know that I truly appreciate it!! You’re awesome! Hope you all have a happy and fun Easter weekend whatever you’re getting up to!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Blog Feature: Our.City.Lights

17 Mar

I’ve decided to do a small featurette this week about one of my favourite blogs, our.city.lights. If you ever want a good, intelligent blog read, this blog is for you.

Diana is the creative mastermind behind our.city.lights and is a woman who seemingly has a knack and eye for photography. I was lucky enough to receive a preview print (above) of her photographs on an amazing new paper, Kodak Metallic Endura Paper. Now, 3D is one of those terms that is being tossed around nowadays – mainly in the film industry with the release of films such as Alice in Wonderland and Avatar. But in photography? I wouldn’t have thought so until I saw this print. The Metallic Endura Paper, for me anyway, literally makes the image jump out of the flat paper. I’ve never seen such depth to a photograph as I have with this paper. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, Diana!! And my boyfriend loves it too!!

Diana also has 2 etsy shops. Yes, two!! The first is her own  – city.light Photography, and features all of her wonderful photographs in print, card and paper form. Here are a few of the images available…

Number two is a more recent venture with Naomi of the gluttonous vegan – a little shop called ohsewdreamy, where they sell cute embroideries. Now we all know I have a soft spot for woodland creatures so these deer embroideries currently for sale in their etsy shop are exactly what my house needs to spruce it up!! If only I had those extra pounds in my pocket right now….

So if you haven’t been over to Miss Diana’s blog or shops yet, GO NOW!!!! Hehe, seriously an inspiring and intelligent lady that I’m grateful to have come across and hopefully will become great friends with. And Diana, I’ll be your guinea pig anytime!!! Hehe.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

When I Grow Up…

12 Jan

I’ve wanted to be sooooo many different things over the years and said the above statement probably more than I can count on my fingers and toes x100! Haha. Possible careers (that I can remember) have included:


Nurse (to follow in my dad’s footsteps)


Arctic Explorer


…zoologist, actor, singer, air hostess, zoo keeper, veterinarian, fashion designer, film-maker. The list goes on and on and on!

But there are a few possibilities that I’ve never really given up on and have stuck with me throughout. Y’know, the old faithfuls that you’ve said more than a few times and to more than a few people. Start my own business, become a teacher and become a librarian. I don’t know about anyone else but I LOOOOVED to play shop when I was younger, pretending that my friends were my most loyal customers on their amazing old school cash registers. And I also loved to pretend that my Barbies and soft toys were my class at school. Most of all I loved to read (and still do when I get the chance and really get into a book). In the last year I’ve been torn between the three careers and have finally decided that it’s about time I give each of them a go. So what am I doing to?

Job Number 1: Start my own business!

This is the year of the Crafty Fox! I’ve finally set myself a realistic goal of starting my craft business this year – it will include a few different areas that I’m very excited about like my first online shop and some other things I can’t go into just yet! But I promise that as soon as I’ve finalised details, you, my beloved blog readers, will be the first to know!

Job Number 2: Become a Teacher

Don’t you just love this image? Haha. Now this goal is slightly harder to do than the others I’ve chosen as it will involve me going back to school myself for a while. My mum has worked in a school for quite a few years so I’ve always been around teachers. My work experience in high school was at a local primary school. One of my old housemates and good friend is in her first year of teaching. But I want to teach secondary school art/textiles/design – a tough one, I know. But I want a challenge in life and I’ve been told that I have the perfect teacher disposition by a few of my mum’s friends!! So this goal won’t be met for a few years but I’m hoping that I do get the chance to teach informally, be it through workshops or tutorials here, as it’s something I really enjoy!

And finally Job Number 3: Become a Librarian

As you may or may not know, I have worked as a bookseller for the last year and a bit. And it was all going well until Borders (in the UK only) decided to go bust. I love books. I always have. Reading was a huge part of my childhood with particular books remaining my favourites to this day! So when my job ended I realised that I wanted to stay working with books and researched a few positions. My mum has been a librarian for over 10 years and I’ve always loved helping her out with any jobs that need doing in her library. She and a few of her friends recently helped me out with my application for a graduate trainee position as a librarian. Now, I’m quite apprehensive about writing this as the closing date isn’t until 28th January and I usually don’t like saying anything about applications. However this time around I could really use some positive vibes!! I really want this and know that I’ll be one of a large group of people applying for 2-4 positions. So prayers and good thoughts are very much appreciated!!!!!

This is a bit of a personal post for me and I appreciate that all of us in blog land always want to know more about each other and why we all make the decisions we do. Hopefully this helps to explain some of it!! Until my next post I hope you all have a good one. And I hope that for some people this helps them to realise that you don’t always have to stick to just one option in life. There are many paths to take and any one could lead you to different experiences that are meant for you.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

(All credit is linked to the images in this post. Please click each one to link to the source I found it at.)

Pretty Things Thursday

7 Jan


Yes. Pretty Things Thursday is making it’s first appearance of 2010. Things have been quite tough as I explained in my last post, and my first week of the New Year was particularly bad but it’s been slowly getting better. And to celebrate this I’ll show you some of the images I’ve found that have been making it get better and prettier!

(click on images for credit/source)

(Yes, I do have a recent obsession with Noro wool.)

(This photo makes me feel warm and cosy.)

And some pretty fabrics I’ve found on Purl Soho’s website…

It’s been soooo cold here in the UK recently with snow falling almost every single day for the last week in some places. The one message I have for everyone experiencing the cold snap is…

There is nothing worse than being stuck outside in this weather with the wrong kinds of clothing on! I often wonder about those girls (and sometimes guys) who go out on Friday and Saturday in next to nothing in weather like this. When it’s this cold it’s just plain unsafe so if you know someone planning to go out in skimpy clothing tell them to take a pair of jeans and thick socks and a huge-ass coat too! Haha.

But seriously, if you also know an old person who doesn’t like using their electricity in the winter because of rising costs please look after them and take care of them. There are so many elderly people who die every year because they worried about how much their heating would cost them and so didn’t turn it on! I’m thinking of starting a blanket knitting group so extra blankets can be given to those who need them the most in these cold, cold months. If anyone is interested in joining, let me know. Or if you know of any groups out there already who distribute blankets to the homeless and elderly, send me their contact details and ask them yourself if they have a blanket donation scheme running!

Well, that rounds off the first Pretty Things Thursday of 2010!! I hope you enjoyed looking at the pretty things that have been helping me and inspiring me lately! Oooh, one last thing. This recently came into my posession. Suitable for a crafty fox, no? Hehe.

Well, toodle pip for now!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx