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Crafty Foxes Christmas Wants

29 Nov

If you are a follower of my Twitter, you will see that I’ve been updating periodically with a number of Christmas Wants. Some of these are personal choices that I would love for myself, others are amazing things I’ve come across and think would make perfect gifts. I have tried to categorise each time I post but sometimes I post whatever I find at the time!

I’ve decided to post them on here as many places will have shipping deadlines and if you fancy any of these as gifts you’ll need to get them soon! I’m posting from most recent tweets as well, hence the backward running order!

Christmas Want 12: Channel your inner Classic Hollywood starlet in this beautiful capelet. Feathers are officially in. http://etsy.me/e1umEP

Christmas Want 11: A @giantdwarf Starlette Crown is the perfect way to accessorise this holiday season! http://etsy.me/ftwCCd

Christmas Want 10: Power women + fashion accessories = Cleo Ferin’s creations. I’m particularly fond of Calamity Jane…http://bit.ly/eUELUB

Christmas Want 9: For the little ones…something from Little Sapling Toys. Gorgeous wood toys and teething rings!http://etsy.me/hhwQKs

Christmas Want 8: This amazing metal antler hook from Formed&Found on @poppytalk ‘s handmade gift list! Perfect!http://bit.ly/evfT2o

Christmas Want 7: @skunkboy ‘s ridiculously cute owl ornament! This is a personal want, for sure! http://etsy.me/hw5Dxs (These have now sold out but there a few other very cute bits and pieces in the shop)

Christmas Want 6: Who doesn’t want a bow tie from @hidinginhere‘s Forage collection?! They are perfect in every way – http://forage.bigcartel.com/

Christmas Want 5: The perfect vintage knitting accessory. Keep those paws off your project in a vintage yarn holder!http://etsy.me/fZGpBv

Christmas Want 4: Always wanted a beard but not the hassle of growing one? Problem solved! http://etsy.me/fy9ovC

Christmas Want 3: Cupcake Kitten Hat Knitting Pattern by tinyowlknits (I’m knitting the deer hat pattern now!)http://etsy.me/af42sj (I actually bought this and am looking forward to knitting it up after Christmas – I’ve requested the wool as one of my gifties!)

Christmas Want 2: Original Silhouette Antlers ink drawing by @CharmaineOlivia http://etsy.me/9QzZmj

Christmas Want 1: Color Wheel Necklace from @yellowowlwkshop http://yellowowlworkshop.com/pendants.html

Now some of these gifts definitely blow the budget, others are very reasonably priced. The one thing you will recognise about all of these though is that they are all HANDMADE! Each and every item is supporting an artist, crafter or otherwise and I think that at Christmas time this is important. And when you give something like one of these gifts to your loved one/s they will know that you took the time and effort to find something special!

I can’t believe that it’s almost December (1 day away!!). This year has flown by sooooooo quickly and I can’t quite believe the year that I’ve had. Ups and downs, and I’m slightly glad it’s coming to an end. Although there are plenty of things that went well this year it’s possibly been the worst year of my life so far…but that’s for another post!!!

To end on a high, I’ll be posting a little more regularly again soon. I’m busy trying to make all my Christmas gifts but my fingers need a break from sewing, knitting and other crafty escapades and the computer has become that! Hehe. Until then….

xx Crafty Love from a Christmassy Crafty Fox xx

New Items in The Crafty Foxes Shop!!

11 Jun

Two blog posts in one day! This is just a short and sweet one to let you know there are a few new items in the shop! And if you haven’t already read the post below, I have a special deal running until 6pm this Sunday (13th June). If you buy anything in my shop between now and the 6pm deadline I will include a FREE Perler Bead Brooch of your choice from my shop AND a felt heart brooch!

Some of the items added include these rings…

and this necklace…

Go check it out and I hope you like what you see!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

It’s almost ready!

15 Apr

“What’s almost ready?” I hear you ask.


Yes, I’m opening an online shop. I’ve been a busy bee lately making things, calling on friends to model for me (and wishing away the overcast days that have taken over the skies when I want to take photos), getting my shop banner ready (although you’ll have to wait until the shop launch for that), and all sorts of other things involved with getting an online shop up and running. It’ll be an Etsy shop, which I know many of you already use and love.

To celebrate this grand opening, I’m offering you, my lovely blog readers, a few special launch products exclusively through my blog. I have 7 brooch/ring and brooch/earring sets at a special launch price! Some of the items will be repeated on Etsy individually, others are one-of-a-kind created especially for you guys and gals! Plus, I have waived postage for these special items!!

Purple Regiment Heart Brooch and Chains Ring


Arctic Rainbow Heart Brooch and Arctic Rose Ring


Vintage Floral Heart Brooch and Candystriper Heart Earrings


Green Lady Heart Brooch and Green Rose Earrings


Pink Patchwork Heart Brooch and Pink Roses Earrings


Blueberry Roses Heart Brooch and Blue Roses Earrings


Matryoshka Brooch and Matryoshka Button Ring


To buy any of these lovingly handcrafted items, please email me (jaqueline(at)craftyfoxes(.)co(.)uk) and I will send you a Paypal Invoice (I tried to add ‘Buy Now’ buttons but WordPress wouldn’t let me). Items will be sent out as soon as payment is received (I’ll email you to let you know they’ve been sent).

Remember, these sets will not be listed in the Crafty Foxes Etsy shop so get them before it’s too late!!

Thank you so much for putting up with me and my lack of posting here over the last few weeks. As anyone understands, starting up a small business venture isn’t an easy thing to do! But now the ball is rolling I’ll be here as usual with my inspirations and rants and whatever else I fancy posting about. I’ll also be back in a few days with the official opening of the Crafty Foxes Etsy shop! Eeeeeek!!! Love you all!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx