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Crafty Foxes Christmas Wants

29 Nov

If you are a follower of my Twitter, you will see that I’ve been updating periodically with a number of Christmas Wants. Some of these are personal choices that I would love for myself, others are amazing things I’ve come across and think would make perfect gifts. I have tried to categorise each time I post but sometimes I post whatever I find at the time!

I’ve decided to post them on here as many places will have shipping deadlines and if you fancy any of these as gifts you’ll need to get them soon! I’m posting from most recent tweets as well, hence the backward running order!

Christmas Want 12: Channel your inner Classic Hollywood starlet in this beautiful capelet. Feathers are officially in. http://etsy.me/e1umEP

Christmas Want 11: A @giantdwarf Starlette Crown is the perfect way to accessorise this holiday season! http://etsy.me/ftwCCd

Christmas Want 10: Power women + fashion accessories = Cleo Ferin’s creations. I’m particularly fond of Calamity Jane…http://bit.ly/eUELUB

Christmas Want 9: For the little ones…something from Little Sapling Toys. Gorgeous wood toys and teething rings!http://etsy.me/hhwQKs

Christmas Want 8: This amazing metal antler hook from Formed&Found on @poppytalk ‘s handmade gift list! Perfect!http://bit.ly/evfT2o

Christmas Want 7: @skunkboy ‘s ridiculously cute owl ornament! This is a personal want, for sure! http://etsy.me/hw5Dxs (These have now sold out but there a few other very cute bits and pieces in the shop)

Christmas Want 6: Who doesn’t want a bow tie from @hidinginhere‘s Forage collection?! They are perfect in every way – http://forage.bigcartel.com/

Christmas Want 5: The perfect vintage knitting accessory. Keep those paws off your project in a vintage yarn holder!http://etsy.me/fZGpBv

Christmas Want 4: Always wanted a beard but not the hassle of growing one? Problem solved! http://etsy.me/fy9ovC

Christmas Want 3: Cupcake Kitten Hat Knitting Pattern by tinyowlknits (I’m knitting the deer hat pattern now!)http://etsy.me/af42sj (I actually bought this and am looking forward to knitting it up after Christmas – I’ve requested the wool as one of my gifties!)

Christmas Want 2: Original Silhouette Antlers ink drawing by @CharmaineOlivia http://etsy.me/9QzZmj

Christmas Want 1: Color Wheel Necklace from @yellowowlwkshop http://yellowowlworkshop.com/pendants.html

Now some of these gifts definitely blow the budget, others are very reasonably priced. The one thing you will recognise about all of these though is that they are all HANDMADE! Each and every item is supporting an artist, crafter or otherwise and I think that at Christmas time this is important. And when you give something like one of these gifts to your loved one/s they will know that you took the time and effort to find something special!

I can’t believe that it’s almost December (1 day away!!). This year has flown by sooooooo quickly and I can’t quite believe the year that I’ve had. Ups and downs, and I’m slightly glad it’s coming to an end. Although there are plenty of things that went well this year it’s possibly been the worst year of my life so far…but that’s for another post!!!

To end on a high, I’ll be posting a little more regularly again soon. I’m busy trying to make all my Christmas gifts but my fingers need a break from sewing, knitting and other crafty escapades and the computer has become that! Hehe. Until then….

xx Crafty Love from a Christmassy Crafty Fox xx

Mooses and Autumn and Plaid…Oh My!

12 Sep

So a bit of a random blog title but after a wedding reception I went to recently, I have mooses on the brain (the couple are known as The Mooses to friends and the tables were moose themed!)! And it’s finally turning into Autumn now. The chill is in the air, the leaves are turning gold and red and yellow and the days are getting shorter again. And there is an abundance of plaid, mustard, burgundy, navy, grey and deep purple around again. A sure sign the Autumn fashions are taking over!

Here are a few of my favourite finds…(some of the moose finds may not be specifically mooses – they’re not easy to find and people mark things as moose when in fact they are deer, elk, etc, so forgive but enjoy all the same!)

Nomadic Elk Knitting Project Bags from KnitterBag on Etsy

Bronze Whitetail Deer Antler Necklace from Moon Raven Designs on Etsy

Secondhand Caribou Metal Tray from backgarage on Etsy

Vintage ‘Caramel Latte Secretary Dress’ from Red Velvet Art

Vintage Inspired Men’s Plaid Flannel Shirt by beesquaredb on Etsy

‘Emmalou’ Original Pastel Drawing from Red Velvet Art

Fox Scarf from Donna Wilson

Hansel from Basel Thigh High Socks from Urban Outfitters

Staring At Stars Russian Rose Embroidered Dress from Urban Outfitters

(each image links through to the original source, please click to be taken through to the owner’s/artist’s website)

So there you have it…a few of my favourites from the web so far. There’ll be a few more posts like this coming over the next few months. Autumn is my favourite season. I love hats and scarves and jumpers and all the colours that come out during this month. It’s just beautiful.

Have a great week!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

A Few Lovelies From The Inty-Web

7 Sep

Hello Foxes and Foxettes!

I have recently been perusing the interweb for the latest lovelies to offer you here at Crafty Foxes Central. You may have seen these on other blogs, you may know of them already from magazines or you may actually be the people I’m featuring (and if that’s the case say hi!). I am slowly changing the look of this blog, introducing new features and integrating into another server eventually (the alphabet is still the deadline for this and I will be continuing with that series soon!!).

In the meantime, enjoy the links and pictures I have found! (Each image can be clicked on to take you through to the artist/crafter/magazine website)

Bindi Booth – just lovely!

Artemis Russell’s wedding photo’s – so amazing!

Nathalie Lete – lovely handtufted rugs that look like paint by numbers pictures!

Louise Evans – she makes Super Duper Things! (Also the name of her Etsy shop!)

Lune Vintage – loving those deer legwarmers!!

Art Equals Happy – I love this picture of Kim! She looks so purdy! (And will probably not agree with me but I don’t care! I Love You and am glad you’re my real life friend!!)

Girls in a Bottle from A Print A Day – In Love!

Frankie 2011 Diary – I’m looking for a new one and would like this one please!

Inga Birgisdottir – Funny illustrations that make me want to take a cut out moustache everywhere with me!! (This image was taken from Creature Comforts blog)

Sophie Blackall – I saw this series featured recently in Oh Comely magazine here in the UK and straight after she has popped up all over the place, on blogs far and wide! I love the owl.

The Gluttonous Vegan – Yum. That is all.

And finally, A Beautiful Mess (Elsie Flannigan) – who doesn’t love plaid and florals in Autumn? The leaves haven’t quite turned yet but there is a chill in the air and it’s raining a lot more here in London. Can’t wait to get myself a nice warm flannel shirt that I can wear with jeans and wool tights and thick woolen skirts!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed these little bits and pieces and I’ll be back soon with more.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

A is for Art

23 May

I’ve decided to start a new blog project to get ready for the transition from this one to the new one. It’s entitled ‘My Alphabet’ and each letter will be represented here by something I love, am inspired by, think is funny or cute or just plain bizarre! As soon as I get to letter Z, the new blog will be up and running and so will start a new phase in my blogging experience and your blog viewing!

So, we start with A is for Art.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in art. I loved drawing and painting as a child and art was one of my favourite lessons during my entire time at school.  I gave art a break during my 2 years at college. I had wanted to study art history but there weren’t enough students to warrant a class. This didn’t stop me drawing though and as soon as I turned 18, I started putting art on my body in the form of tattoos. I became an artist of a different kind after college and spent a year training as a make-up artist before I moved onto university and studied Film with History of Art/Architecture, Design and Film. During my degree I started appreciating art in a different way, giving thought to why I liked particular artists and discovering new artists that would inspire and influence me in the years to come.

Fast forward to now, and although I do not consider myself an artist, I cannot deny the importance art has had on my life and my work. Below are links to a few of my favourite artists and an example of their work (click the image for the link).




FAFI (I own the piece on the right – it was part of a limited run of 55 screen prints)






There are obviously so many more artists I admire and love the work of but to list them all would mean I’d be here for a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I can’t wait to do the rest of the alphabet!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

4 Apr

This week’s Sunday Round Up is all about a few of my favourite Etsy sellers!! I love featuring them here and hopefully introducing new artists and makers to my blog readers.
(click on the banner or shop name to link through)

An illustrator who takes the nerd and turns it into something animal themed and amazing! This one is definitely me.

Savannah of Sleepy King is a maker of amazing animal plushies. Especially woodland creatures. I love her plushies and hope to own one at some point, maybe a fox or Ramona Rose. She’s pretty.

Rebecca of Rar Rar Press creates some amazing letterpress posters and cards with a sense of humour and a wise word or two. I particularly love the one below (so true!!)

My internet is playing up right now so I’m going to have to leave it at this for now, although I’ll definitely be featuring more soon! I hope you like what you see and help to support these lovely independent artists and makers at some point, if you haven’t already. Much love and health on this Easter Sunday.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

21 Feb

First off, apologies for not being here this week. I’ve had a few personal issues I’ve needed to deal with and they always suck the creativity out of me. But the end of this week was better (apart from Saturday and having to deal with the mother of all hangovers!!) and I’m finally feeling like being creative again.

So what’s been inspiring me this week? A new work in progress to go along with my several others, hehe, exciting new artists/illustrators and a fun online class I’ll be taking part in.

1) My new work-in-progress

It’s from the book, Meet Me At Mike’s by Pip Lincolne. The project has introduced me to a new stitch – the chevron, and has provided me with much inspiration for other sewing and crafty projects. There are 26 projects in all and it’s such a great book to have if you enjoy crafting as much as I do (patterns are also included for the various sewing projects). Oh and take a trip to Pip’s blog here if you haven’t been over there already!

2)Exciting New Artists and Illustrators

I picked up these funky bits and pieces from the Alternative Press Fair last weekend. The drawn stickers on the left, the bag and the print are by an artist called Kristyna Baczynski. The stickers I’ve got on display are some of my favourites from the packs she was selling on the day (the bags were drawn on as well so I got an original illustration, woo hoo!) and the print was one of two I picked up for the ever-so-pricey sum of £1. Yes, you heard me…..£1!!! Amazing. It was my favourite print of hers. The other stickers were ones I picked up from another stall – the photographer is a lady called Vicky Stevenson and her small stickers had my name all over them (she also has an etsy shop). I’ll probably use them in the art journalling class I’m taking part in, which nicely leads me onto number 3.

3) Quiet Nights Art Journal Class

This class has now sold out but is being run by my friend, Vivianna. I’m looking forward to it so much. Viv’s is the lady who first got me into journalling and I’m looking forward to learning a few new tips and tricks and also getting some mega inspiration from an amazingly talented teacher and class. I’ll be sure to share a few pages from my journals here and maybe share a bit of inspiration you can take away with you!

So there you go. A few bits of fun stuff that I hope you’ll check out and that will inspire you this week! I’ll be resuming regular posting this week so be sure to drop by for some new goodness I’ll have to share! Hope you’re weekend has been a good one and that you have a fantastic Monday! And Tuesday! And Wednes………! Hehe.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

24 Jan

Today’s Sunday Round Up is dedicated to my favourite woodland (and London suburbs) animal, the FOX! In all the time I’ve had this blog I’ve not done a dedicated blog post to foxes – how this has happened, I don’t know! Without further ado, this Crafty Fox will show you a few of my favourite foxy things.

As Silje says in the description for this print, “It’s 2010, and the fox is the new owl!”. I love this print and if I get a reasonably well-paid job, this will be my reward as soon as payday arrives!!!

I love this print by studiolyon on etsy. It’s so simple and I like the woodgrain effect that’s been blended in behind the fox’s fur.

One of my favourite things is this craft kit from Red Velvet Art. Elsie’s drawings are sooooo cute! Loves!

These foxes from Sleepy King have been on my wishlist for a while. Little Red is my favourite!

I saw this print on etsy a while ago and was suckered in by the little sleeping fox on the girl’s head. I love this style of painting too so it’s a winner for me!

A fox on a bike? Why not?! Haha.

I linked to this a couple of posts ago and bought it recently as a small gift to myself (I’d been eyeing it up for a while and Lady Luck had a New Year’s half price sale. It was meant to be! Hehe). It’s currently my most worn necklace!

And finally, a favourite from the ladies over at Polka Dot Robot. Genius!

I’ve got a few posts planned for this week, including a look at my current WiP’s (work-in-progress’s). I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have a fun week ahead!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Thursday

7 Jan


Yes. Pretty Things Thursday is making it’s first appearance of 2010. Things have been quite tough as I explained in my last post, and my first week of the New Year was particularly bad but it’s been slowly getting better. And to celebrate this I’ll show you some of the images I’ve found that have been making it get better and prettier!

(click on images for credit/source)

(Yes, I do have a recent obsession with Noro wool.)

(This photo makes me feel warm and cosy.)

And some pretty fabrics I’ve found on Purl Soho’s website…

It’s been soooo cold here in the UK recently with snow falling almost every single day for the last week in some places. The one message I have for everyone experiencing the cold snap is…

There is nothing worse than being stuck outside in this weather with the wrong kinds of clothing on! I often wonder about those girls (and sometimes guys) who go out on Friday and Saturday in next to nothing in weather like this. When it’s this cold it’s just plain unsafe so if you know someone planning to go out in skimpy clothing tell them to take a pair of jeans and thick socks and a huge-ass coat too! Haha.

But seriously, if you also know an old person who doesn’t like using their electricity in the winter because of rising costs please look after them and take care of them. There are so many elderly people who die every year because they worried about how much their heating would cost them and so didn’t turn it on! I’m thinking of starting a blanket knitting group so extra blankets can be given to those who need them the most in these cold, cold months. If anyone is interested in joining, let me know. Or if you know of any groups out there already who distribute blankets to the homeless and elderly, send me their contact details and ask them yourself if they have a blanket donation scheme running!

Well, that rounds off the first Pretty Things Thursday of 2010!! I hope you enjoyed looking at the pretty things that have been helping me and inspiring me lately! Oooh, one last thing. This recently came into my posession. Suitable for a crafty fox, no? Hehe.

Well, toodle pip for now!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

September is here…

1 Sep

I can’t believe it!! This year has gone sooooo quickly. This time last year I was single, living somewhere else and hadn’t even considered craft as a career or hobby, let alone had a blog. Now I’m living with my other half in central London and craft has become an integral part of my life, from the blogs I read to what I do in my spare time! And my blog, which I started 6 months ago has almost reached 2000 hits! CRAZY!!!! But thank you for reading whoever you are (I know who a few people are though, haha, and thank you too!).

I thought that in this post I would share a few things I’ve been getting excited about recently. Maybe other people who read this will be excited about the things I blog on here too!

1) The things I bought from the BUST London Craftacular

Yummy crafty booty from the BUST London Craftacular

Yummy crafty booty from the BUST London Craftacular

Notebook by Kali Taylor Mittmann (kali_v23@yahoo.com) – the image on the front and back cover is a sewing machine and the notebook is completely handmade.

Bird print and little ‘bag o’birds’ by Little Doodles (also here) – I was hoping to get the ‘Blusher Bird’ print but it wasn’t there so I opted for this one which I’m as happy with. The little ‘bag o’birds’ contained stickers, magnets and other birdy ephemera. A really cute little package and I wish I’d picked up a few more!!

‘Swallows’ Print Gocco and ‘Fairground Wonder’ Print Gocco by Xtina Lamb – a different version of the swallows print was in the raffle and I fell in love with it (as did my sister). I loved the colours and subject of the fairgound print so picked up that one as well.

Mini anchor pin/brooch by Lost At Sea – this shop was a favourite before I went to the Craftacular and I was determined to get something from them and this little anchor pin was the perfect thing for me!

2) Red Velvet Art Autumn Craft Class

Starts in 2 weeks!!

Starts in 2 weeks!!

Rachel and Elsie of Red Velvet Art are running another one of their ever popular craft classes (some spots still available here) and I’m taking part! My lovely boyfriend signed me up for our anniversary (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!) and I’m so excited about it starting! I’ve been stockpiling everything I’ll need to make my chosen first projects and still have a few things to get. The class has also been inspiring my autumnal side and I’ve been obsessed with everything autumn and autumn coloured for about 2 weeks now.

2010 planner kit

I also ordered this and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can get planning for my crafty year ahead. I’ve decided that this will be my Craft planner/diary as my current filofax gets filled up with random stuff and it’ll be nice to have a craft/work divide!

3) ??????

Tell me what inspires you. I’ve been finding so many new blogs lately and sometimes it’s all so overwhelming that there are so many creative types out there that are doing things I would love to be creating and are inspiring me no-end. I’ve also got a super secret plan in the works right now and need to really set aside time to be creative and make things. I’ll blog here about the super secret plan when the time is right but until then you’ll just have to make do with my random ramblings!

Crafty love from a Crafty Fox xx

That 2nd post I was talking about…

2 Aug

Well, my second post in a day didn’t quite turn into reality however it will appear in the next week. I’ve made a mid-year resolution to blog and craft more so I actually do have stuff to write about, it’s just finding the time to sit down at the computer and do it (and not get distracted by all the other amazing blogs out there – new favourite is redvelvetart). The girls that run and make stuff for that store are inspiring and hopefully it’s where I’ll be at one day.

Work is bumming me out a bit at the moment – don’t get me wrong, I do really like my job and some of the perks it has but it’s not what I envision doing with my life and the hours are crazy unpredictable (well, to the extent that 3 different day shifts can be and rotas only done 1-2 weeks in advance). I know that as soon as I sit down and craft I’ll be happy again so I just need to make my time to do that.

Anyhow, a pretty image from Elsie Flannigan (must check spelling) otherwise known as Elsie Cake on her blog.