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The Sunday Round Up

15 Nov

Oh, what an interesting week it’s been!! As well as being back at work, there have been a number of things happening at home that have required some of my time – namely trying to contact out estate agent as we’ve had 2 incidents with water leaking into our flat from the flat above AND through a closed window when it was raining heavily! It’s really a lot of fun when the latter happens on a Saturday and no-one at the office picks up their phone even though you call during the hours they say they are there!! But enough ranting from me, haha.

This week has also given me a big kick in the backside to start and finish some Christmas presents that need to be sent by early December to Australia. My meme (grandmother) and brother live over there and I want them to be able to open their gifts on Christmas Day. It’s such a pain that they have to be sent early but it also gets me into gear for making all the presents!

I really should give you a few pictures to look at now of things that have inspired me and caught my eye this week, hehe.


Happy Mail!!

For those of you who don’t know what Happy Mail is, it’s basically anything that isn’t bills or junk mail. More precisely it’s those little gifts you get when you don’t expect it that contain something nice and thoughtful. They could be from someone you know or not but they make your day when you get them. Jamie over at Inspired Mess started this Happy Mail swap. If you want to take part check out the Happy Mail blog. I’ve chosen to take part and can’t wait to send and receive packages! It makes like a little bit more interesting and fun!


ryantoon-shopfont Ryantoon

Rob Ryan has long been an influence and love of mine. His lasercut images are seriously TO DIE FOR. I love the intricacy and delicacy of the lasercuts and the messages that he puts into each and every one of them. I went to visit the shop today not realising that it’s become Ryantoon (which ends today). If you ever come to London I definitely recommend a visit to his shop on Columbia Road. It’s also a flower market and there are plenty of other cute shops and stalls to visit. And if you’re not near London or planning on visiting anytime soon, he also has an etsy shop where you can peruse and purchase some of his lovely items.


Fox Hat from PDR

I’ve recently been given my first commission for a handmade scarf and it’s these kind of creations by the ladies over at Polka Dot Robot who keep me inspired and creative in terms of the things I create through crochet and knitting. They break boundaries in terms of what seems safe and have proved hugely popular so far and I wish them all the success for the future!! I also have a huge soft spot for this hat right now (one of their new creations), being the Crafty Fox that I am, hehe.

4) And here are a few images that I’ve made favourites on flick recently and thought you might enjoy.

(click on images for credit/source)

Rainbow Matryoshka's


Vinatge packaging

Crochet circle

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round up this week. I’m ready for a new week to start and things to finally be sorted out, and for lots more creative inspiration. Hopefully I’ll have quite a few things to share during this week as I’m keen to try out a few personal projects as well as get started on all my Christmas ones for family and friends. Have a great week and I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx