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Pretty Things Friday

29 Jan

I’m a day late! I’m sorry! I had a job interview yesterday (all fingers crossed) and then had to work in the evening at an event so Thursday was a bit of a wash-out so to speak. But I’m here now and ready to share pretty things!

This week I’ve decided to give you a tour of some of my favourite blogs. No, if you’re blog isn’t here and you know I read it, please don’t take it the wrong way! I love you all but if I was to put all of the blogs I read here it would take forever to list them all……..and I wouldn’t have another “blogs I like” blog post to write! Onto round one of some of my favourite blogs…

Elsie’s blog, which I’ve mentioned many times before on here, is one of my favourites. She has to be one of the most inspiring young business women I’ve come across and is in the position I would like to be in come 3 years time (and that’s my maximum time limit). I love Elsie’s illustration and painting style, the tutorials she posts and the hints and tips she gives to those girls and guys like me who are trying to get started but just aren’t sure where to start. A visit to Red Velvet Art (her real-life store) is also on my to-do-list as soon as I save enough money to go on holiday!

Katie’s blog is a more recent favourite. I’m a huge fan of the plush creatures she creates (and I’m standing by my computer for the next update to make sure I can get one of the lovelies!!) and love the style she has created for them. I recently participated in a craft swap Katie hosted and enjoyed it muchly (although I was a bit sad Katie wasn’t my swap partner, hehe, that would have been sooo cool!!). Oh, and if you have a love for vintage dresses and pretty dresses in general you have to go visit her blog!!

Leigh-Ann is another great inspiration for me. I bought one of her photobooth albums from RVA last year and fell in love with her crafting style. Each creation LA makes is unique and wonderful which for me is a huge part of their charm. She is also another good tutorial poster, and is currently holding a worldwide pincushion swap! Sign ups are until 1st February so if you want to take part go put your name down now!

I love Polka Dot Robot: FACT. Vivianna is amazing: FACT. I love the knitted and crocheted wares that the ladies over at PDR make and at some point will get around to actually buying something (specifically the Fox Hat I’ve posted here a few times). Vivs blogs are really inspiring and she’s the person who got me into art journalling and without knowing it, has single handedly made me want to become a better knitter (who wouldn’t want her mad knitting skills?! Hehe).

So that’s the first 4 featured blogs that I think deserve a mention, especially in my pretty things category! If you haven’t been to their blogs before go and visit and show them some love! And if you have, you have amazing taste! I might make this another weekly feature, instead of it encroaching into my other blog posts. It means that I’d be able to feature a lot more blogs on my list and I can have specific features too if someone wants to promote themselves. Tell me what your thoughts are and whether you’d like this feature to become regular!

Well, it’s almost the weekend! Hope you all have a good one and I’ll see you on Sunday!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

8 Nov

It’s that time of the week already. The day before we go back to work for a new week ahead (although I have until Wednesday before that feeling will really kick in – two weeks off and not looking forward to it, but I have to go back and earn me some rent money!!).

There have been a few things this week that have caught my eye. Granny stars (WHAT??!! I hear you cry? Yes they do exist!!), little ninjas and shop updates to name a few things but images are always better at telling the story.

(click on images for credit/links)

Ninjas with flowers

These cute (okay, okay, mean and fearsome, hehe) ninjas are handmade by the super talented Lilley – who can be found here and her shop here. I haven’t had the chance to purchase one yet but it’s definitely on my list of things that I must own once I have a semi-disposable income (rent and bills are all I pay right now, sound familiar to everyone else out there?)

Granny Stars

I know it’s only a small picture, but these are the amazing granny stars that Sarah London recently posted on her blog. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw these! She’s such an inspiration (and recently complimented me on my Loopy Rose from her pattern – I was very happy, let me tell you!). I intend on trying to make one in the next day or two. I’ll let you know how I get on.

LAShirt Pillow

Leigh-Ann over at Freckled Nest had a shop update this weekend and I urge you to go take a look! So many pretty things!!! As soon as I have some money again I will be ordering one of her journal kits. Vivianna over at Polka Dot Robot has recently got me into art journalling and Leigh-Ann’s kits are definitely the way forward for me. I’ve been really interested in book-binding at the moment and one of my friends very kindly offered to teach me as she did it as part of her course. Yay!

One thing I did today was go to the V&A Museum of Childhood in London. It’s literally just around the corner from where I live and free to get in so there was really no excuse and I’ve been wanting to go for a while as they’ve got an exhibition on by the East London Printmakers called Wonderland. It’s amazing. All the works of art revolve around the theme of fairytales and it’s whimsical, dark, funny, inspiring and all sorts of other descriptive words all at the same time. If you live in the London area I would definitely recommend taking a trip there. The rest of the museum is filled with the toys of years gone by – my friend and I were reminiscing about all the toys we used to have (some of which were in the cabinets!! It made us feel really old, haha!)

So those are some of the things that have inspired me this weekend. I hope everyone has had a magical weekend and is looking forward to the week ahead (even if it is only for the weekend or the end of the working day, hehe).

Until next time.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx