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Mooses and Autumn and Plaid…Oh My!

12 Sep

So a bit of a random blog title but after a wedding reception I went to recently, I have mooses on the brain (the couple are known as The Mooses to friends and the tables were moose themed!)! And it’s finally turning into Autumn now. The chill is in the air, the leaves are turning gold and red and yellow and the days are getting shorter again. And there is an abundance of plaid, mustard, burgundy, navy, grey and deep purple around again. A sure sign the Autumn fashions are taking over!

Here are a few of my favourite finds…(some of the moose finds may not be specifically mooses – they’re not easy to find and people mark things as moose when in fact they are deer, elk, etc, so forgive but enjoy all the same!)

Nomadic Elk Knitting Project Bags from KnitterBag on Etsy

Bronze Whitetail Deer Antler Necklace from Moon Raven Designs on Etsy

Secondhand Caribou Metal Tray from backgarage on Etsy

Vintage ‘Caramel Latte Secretary Dress’ from Red Velvet Art

Vintage Inspired Men’s Plaid Flannel Shirt by beesquaredb on Etsy

‘Emmalou’ Original Pastel Drawing from Red Velvet Art

Fox Scarf from Donna Wilson

Hansel from Basel Thigh High Socks from Urban Outfitters

Staring At Stars Russian Rose Embroidered Dress from Urban Outfitters

(each image links through to the original source, please click to be taken through to the owner’s/artist’s website)

So there you have it…a few of my favourites from the web so far. There’ll be a few more posts like this coming over the next few months. Autumn is my favourite season. I love hats and scarves and jumpers and all the colours that come out during this month. It’s just beautiful.

Have a great week!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Pretty Things Thursday – Dresses

12 Feb

I live in my jeans during the winter. They keep me warm and are practical in almost any weather. But Spring is almost here and I’m getting excited about wearing dresses! I do wear them periodically throughout the winter (usually over my jeans) but come Spring, Summer and the warmer part of Autumn, I love dresses with tights, leggings and even the occasional bare leg!

Here are a few pretty delights for you to feast your eyes upon today.

(All images above from Urban Outfitters – click image for link/credit)

(All images above from Anthropologie – click image for link/credit)

Sorry that this week is again a day late! As I said on Sunday, the tail end of this week has been a little crazy for me and there have been a couple of spanners in the works that have added to that craziness! But today I’m knitting and nearing the end of a project I should have finished in early January, so I’m happy that something will be finished today. It’s been a while since I’ve completed a project.

Hope you’ve all had a good week and see you on Sunday for the round up of this week’s events and inspiration!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx