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Pretty Things Thursday

12 Nov

I’m early with this one today as it’s back to work time for me after two whole weeks of nothing! No-one looks forward to going back to work but we all have to do it!! So, I’m going to kick off straight away as there are a few things I have to do before I go to work and I don’t want to miss this week!! (click on images for credit/links)


This lovely print and notebook are from an artist called Alice Melvin. I found her stuff at the Tate Modern yesterday and subsequently fell in love. Particularly with this…

Yes those are owl hand and finger puppets that you cut out and sew together. I’m determined once payday comes to own this (owl obsession – CHECK! Haha).


Dottie Angel

Dottie Angel Studio

Tif over at Dottie Angel has provided me with hours and hours of inspiration lately. I love just looking though her photos on flickr as they’re just really pretty and she has quite a few good little ideas on there too. I’ve been uhmming and aahing about whether to join her “challenge of an utmost kind” and have decided to take the plunge in the new year. This is the challenge if you also choose to accept…


Pretty colours

I love the colours in this photo. Janel posted it earlier this week and I fell in love. Also, it’s a picture of wool and granny squares. What’s NOT to love? Hehe.


Penguin ornament

I’m majorly in love with everything Katie over at Skunkboy Creatures makes right now. Her ornaments are the cutest things in the world as are the rest of her plushies. I dream of one day having a small (okay, large) collection of her plushies in a corner of my craft room as inspiration to make really cute things!!

So that is all for this week. I could add more but then I’d not have anything left to blog about on Pretty Things Thursday next week!!! Hope everyone has had a good week and is looking forward to fun plans this weekend.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

I’ve done it!!

9 Nov

So, I blogged in the Sunday Round Up yesterday about granny stars that I’d seen over at Sarah London’s blog. And today I finally made one!!!

Granny Star!!!

As there was no pattern, I wrote one out myself and it worked!! It’s given me so much confidence in my crocheting abilities to know that I can now write a pattern and it makes what I want it to. One thing I may do is add an extra chain in the very last round so the corners are a little more pointy.

I’ve also done a bit of journalling today and have decided to share a couple of pages. This is a big thing for me as I usually don’t share anything I’ve written in a journal but you all seem like nice enough people to do so with!


This is the front cover. The picture on the front is one that I took of some tapestry yarn I had lying about.


This is the page I did for Autumn. It’s been a relatively good Autumn for me with lots of new experiences. Things only got a little bad towards the end of it. Definitly a memorable Autumn for me anyway! The photo of the tree is also one that I took.


This is my 2010 page. The photo is again by me of the planner I made from the RVA 2010 Planner Kit. I’ve still got so many more things to add to this page but it’s filled with things that I’m looking forward to and would like to do next year.

The last couple of pictures are of some bags I recently made for the winners of my giveaway, Janel and Astrid. I had a lot of fun making these and will definitely be making more of them to put in my shop when it’s finally up and running (yes, I made the bag as well as adding the decoration/customisation.)

2 Handmade Bags
Pompom bouquet

This is a close up of the pompom bouquet I did on the bag for Janel. I’ve had a recent obsession with pompoms after reading Miss James’ post on the Bleubird Vintage blog about the pompom wreath. This is one of my favourite creations for a while – something about it being so simple and colourful.

On another note, I’ve decided to also postpone the opening of my Etsy shop for a little bit longer. It was meant to be up and running by 1st December but with everything that happened over the past 2 weeks I just need to get my headspace running normally again. Crafting and journalling has definitely helped me but I need as little stress in my life at the moment and opening a store, either online or in real-life is stressful and I don’t want to take that on board until I feel ready. Sorry if you were looking forward to it, but if you do want something custom made I am more than happy to enter into conversation about costs, etc., as I do have a Paypal account open for selling of goods.

So that’s a few things I had to share today! I hope everyone has had a happy Monday and has a great Tuesday.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

8 Nov

It’s that time of the week already. The day before we go back to work for a new week ahead (although I have until Wednesday before that feeling will really kick in – two weeks off and not looking forward to it, but I have to go back and earn me some rent money!!).

There have been a few things this week that have caught my eye. Granny stars (WHAT??!! I hear you cry? Yes they do exist!!), little ninjas and shop updates to name a few things but images are always better at telling the story.

(click on images for credit/links)

Ninjas with flowers

These cute (okay, okay, mean and fearsome, hehe) ninjas are handmade by the super talented Lilley – who can be found here and her shop here. I haven’t had the chance to purchase one yet but it’s definitely on my list of things that I must own once I have a semi-disposable income (rent and bills are all I pay right now, sound familiar to everyone else out there?)

Granny Stars

I know it’s only a small picture, but these are the amazing granny stars that Sarah London recently posted on her blog. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw these! She’s such an inspiration (and recently complimented me on my Loopy Rose from her pattern – I was very happy, let me tell you!). I intend on trying to make one in the next day or two. I’ll let you know how I get on.

LAShirt Pillow

Leigh-Ann over at Freckled Nest had a shop update this weekend and I urge you to go take a look! So many pretty things!!! As soon as I have some money again I will be ordering one of her journal kits. Vivianna over at Polka Dot Robot has recently got me into art journalling and Leigh-Ann’s kits are definitely the way forward for me. I’ve been really interested in book-binding at the moment and one of my friends very kindly offered to teach me as she did it as part of her course. Yay!

One thing I did today was go to the V&A Museum of Childhood in London. It’s literally just around the corner from where I live and free to get in so there was really no excuse and I’ve been wanting to go for a while as they’ve got an exhibition on by the East London Printmakers called Wonderland. It’s amazing. All the works of art revolve around the theme of fairytales and it’s whimsical, dark, funny, inspiring and all sorts of other descriptive words all at the same time. If you live in the London area I would definitely recommend taking a trip there. The rest of the museum is filled with the toys of years gone by – my friend and I were reminiscing about all the toys we used to have (some of which were in the cabinets!! It made us feel really old, haha!)

So those are some of the things that have inspired me this weekend. I hope everyone has had a magical weekend and is looking forward to the week ahead (even if it is only for the weekend or the end of the working day, hehe).

Until next time.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Oh, yarn it!

5 Nov

As you may or may not have realised I have an obsession with wool – just look at my banner!! So much so that I had wool withdrawl symptoms yesterday when I walked out of a haberdashery with my brother-in-law with no wool on my persons (although I did get some great coloured metal zippers for 10p each and 3 metres of elastic for 90p!!).

I often find myself lusting after yarn on flickr and other people’s blogs and have often found myself searching for specific colours and brands of yarn that I’ve seen and that people have recommended. I’m always on the lookout for good quality but cheap wool and blogs have been the way forward for me in determining which wools are the best ones to go for.

Here are a few of my recent favourite photos that I’ve found on flickr that help to satisfy my love for all things wool!

(Click on each image for credit)

Coraline sweater

Possibly the cutest item of clothing ever. This sweater was made as part of a Coraline Box Swap on flickr and is a replica of the one Coraline wears in the movie.

Hand rolled yarn

The colours that people choose never fail to inspire me. I love seeing which colours they’ve put together for projects – it helps me to be more bold in the colours I choose!

Yarn wreath

I love this yarn wreath, the colours are sooo pretty. The wreaths Abby-Sue makes are amazing and she sells them here (her etsy shop). I would definitely like a few of these dotted around my home!

I’ll back a bit later on for Pretty Things Thursday but to leave you with one last image that pretty much sums me up whenever I go yarn shopping…

So much yarn, so little time!!


xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

11 Oct

The Knitting and Stitching Show

This weekend has been a busy one. The main excitement of this weekend was the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. There was sooooo much to see and buy! I did however set myself a budget that I mostly stuck to – maybe a little over but seriously, there was yarn everywhere! Hehe.

This is a picture of all the stuff I bought…
The Stash

Lots of yarn, oh yes. The brown yarn in the the back is what I’m going to use to knit the bear hat pattern from RVA. I was also able to find some great colours for my crocheted headbands (which I’ve been happily crocheting today). The cards of thread and yarn are going to be used for embroidery projects I have in the pipeline. And the buttons…well who could pass up buttons?! They were my first purchase of the day. Here’s a close up…

How could I not buy them? Haha. I’m such a sucker for buttons. My mum and I also took one of the crafting classes they had on offer and we both made and took away a rag hooked bag (or raggy bag). it was such fun to learn a new skill with all the other ladies – all of us doing it together for the first time! My bag turned out like this…
Raggy Bag

The main entrance had a few cool things too like a boat with a coat and this amazing yarn art piece that was set up…
Yarn Art Piece

Yarn Art Piece

The colours were so beautiful and trying to capture them was a little difficult but I hope I somehow managed.

Other things that happened this weekend – I announced the winners of my giveaway (see the post below). So congratulations again to Janel and Astrid!! And I forgot that I was meeting up with a group of friends until it was too late but my mind has been a bit all over the place. Oh, and my boyfriend’s laptop got fixed so I’ll be able to blog a little more now as we won’t have to share the main computer.

I hope everyone else has had a great weekend!! I’m so looking forward to seeing all the pictures from the RVA weekend. Here’s a sneak peak from Holly

So cute!!

So cute!!

Oh how I wish I was part of this gang!! My dinner is ready now so I’ll sign off here. It’s soup season again and tonight it’s courgette/zuchini. I also bought some pumpkins today and will be doing a pumpkin soup this week. I love Autumn!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

The Sunday Round Up

4 Oct

So here we are. It’s Sunday again and the only day I’ve had to blog!! I’d be blogging more at the moment if it wasn’t for being really busy at work and also the fact that we currently only have one computer in the house which my lovely boyfriend is currently writing his MA research paper on. I can cope with not much computer time with that reason so I apologise to all my lovely readers for the lack of posting, but it’ll hopefully get better soon!!

So, what have I been up to this week (or rather weekend)? I went to see Mark Thomas, a political comedian and really funny with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends, and I’ve been working away at work. Craftwise, I’ve managed to get the good stuff done this weekend, as is always the way! So what have I done, I hear you ask? These things…..

Autumn =

This is what Autumn is for me right now – crochet, Perler beads, buttons and crafts in general. I’m having such good times right now with my craft stuff and keep on having to tell myself that I need to stop focussing on stuff for me soon and knuckle down with making things for my Etsy shop launch!!

Granny Chic Purse

Hootie the Owl

These are the things that I managed to photograph while there was good light this weekend. The granny square crochet purse and the owl plushie were both projects for the RVA Autumn Craft Class. I’m having sooo much fun doing this class and can’t wait until the next projects are loaded up each time. Of course I have a few that I want to do before others but they’re all exciting and such good ideas. Really hoping I can take part in the next class.

Other things I’ve been in love with this week include –

This gorgeous recipe card kit from RVA – I’m starting to get itchy feet about baking again and am in love with the leaf Perler bead board that comes with it.


And as I am the Crafty Fox, it’s only natural that I should fall completely and utterly in love with this – the ‘You’re a Fox Craft Kit’ also from RVA. If I’d been flush this month and wasn’t having to save myself and my funds for the Knitting and Stitching Show, this would have been mine straight away!! But I can wait until next month – fingers crossed there are some left!

Also on my wishlist right now is fabric from the Echino collection. I again have fallen in love with the colours, patterns and designs those fabrics have. I’ve not managed to find them here in the UK yet in any of my local fabric stores (although lots of online ones) but have lots more to check out in person!

So a great weekend all round and hopefully I’ll have a chance to jump on a blog mid-week (the boyfriend’s paper is due on Friday though, so no promises). Otherwise next Sunday will be an amazing one – the day after the Knitting and Stitching Show. Expect many yarn-themed photos!!!!!!

Oooo, and remember to enter my giveaway a couple of posts down!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Who loves granny squares?

22 Sep
Granny Love!! My first 5!

Granny Love!! My first 5!

I do! They’ve become a recent obsession of mine after I managed to master the crochet technique involved on a train journey to my parent’s house (and whilst there managed to find some sale yarn in cream and berry/port that I loved and thought would make a great granny square combination!). Debbie Stoller’s “Happy Hooker” Stitch and Bitch book has been my go to for learning new stitches and is so easy to understand and follow.

Stitch 'n' Bitch Crochet - The Happy Hooker

Stitch 'n' Bitch Crochet - The Happy Hooker

Now don’t get me wrong, I had a huge thing with crochet and for years thought it was really difficult and that I’d never be able to do it. But I went to one of the local craft fairs and they had a small stall with the lovely Bee of Chain Creative teaching crochet. One lesson later I was successfully crocheting away and even after a one hour lesson and then picking the hook up again the next day, I hadn’t forgotten anything! I will say that I find crochet much easier than knitting (I am good with the basic knitting and purling but nothing fancy like cable just yet!!). My mum says that some people are like that and I guess my brain is wired to crochet!

Granny Squares and Photo by Sarah London

Granny Squares and Photo by Sarah London

There is so much inspiration out there for crocheters (is that a word?) and one lady I find immensely inspiring is Sarah London. Her colour schemes and crochet techniques are very easy to follow – she blogs mystery patterns each month – and the photos she takes of her squares, doilies and circles are jaw-droppingly gorgeous!! Do check her out if you haven’t already.

Granny Squares and Photo by Rachel Denbow

Granny Squares and Photo by Rachel Denbow

Rachel Denbow is also another person who is inspiring me at the moment in the world of crochet. She’s currently crocheting granny squares for a blanket for her soon-to-be-born-daughter and it’s nice to know that someone has the same worries about unravelling and doing the right amount of stitches!!

And here are a few more inspiring crochet images (mainly of granny squares) to whet your appetite for the lovely craft that is crochet!!!

Cats and Crochet

Cats and Crochet


Lots of squares!!

Lots of squares!!


Lovely Cuffs from polkadotrobot.com!!

Lovely Cuffs from polkadotrobot.com!!

credit (and you can buy them from HERE) (I want one real bad!!)

Right, now it’s time for me to get back to my granny squares and stop being distracted by everyone else’s crochet loveliness!!

xx Crafty love from a Craft Fox xx

Remember those days…

16 Sep

When all you had to do was learn how to read and write (and in my case make sure the teacher was teaching me to spell my name properly!)? I recently went home for a few days and as per usual, I rummaged through a few boxes of stuff that is lying around my parents house. Is it just me or is there something really magical about going through boxes of old things? I love it and always find something new (or old) that I didn’t know about or forgot about as is usually the case!

This time a found a couple of things I forgot I had like these

Remember these? My "Great Greetings" Tomy Fashion Plate, Magic Squares and Shrinky Dink earrings

Remember these? My "Great Greetings" Tomy Fashion Plate, Magic Squares and Shrinky Dink earrings

The Tomy Fashion Plate was probably one of my most used toys as a kid. All you did was place the rub stencils onto the middle of the plate, put your piece of paper on top, close the lid and rub away! Hey, presto you have a drawing to colour in!

I also found this great book that my mum has had for over 30 years

Touch Typewriting by Pitman Press

Touch Typewriting by Pitman Press

We read through this and some of the wording is hilarious! It tells you to ‘strike the keys’ and one letter tells the student to ‘hasten his speed’ when he types in order to not make any mistakes. I wish I’d written down some of the sentences but believe me, you just crack up when you read it!

My time at my parents house was also spent doing a bit of thrifting. I found these in one of the local charity shops for the unbelievable sum of £1.30!

My gorgeous thrifted bowls and a few crocheted headbands for good measure!

My gorgeous thrifted bowls and a few crocheted headbands for good measure!

I love the colouring and the pattern on these and what a bargain! The headbands are ones that I’ve crocheted myself after recently learning how to. If I’d known how easy it was to begin with, I would have been doing it ages ago! I think I’m one of those people who understands it better than knitting although I’m not giving knitting up just yet as I have a couple of things I want to knit before fall and winter really take hold of the climate.

I’ll be posting again sometime this week as I have more I want to say and show you all but don’t have enough time right now to say and show it. What did you love as a kid and what kind of stuff have you found when rumaging through boxes of old stuff?

It’s time now for me to get on with the first project from the RVA Autumn Class. I’m sooo excited and happy that it’s started now! Inspiration and craftiness, ahoy!

Crafty love from a Crafty Fox xxx