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Making Wonderland…

18 Jul

When Quadrille Publishing offered their Twitter followers a chance to procure a review copy of a soon-to-be-released craft book “Everything Alice”, I, being the crafty fox that I am, jumped at the chance and before you could shout “Off with their heads!” had my very own copy ready to be thoroughly leafed through and drooled over.

As far as ideas go, stylist and illustrator, Hannah Read-Baldrey, and art-director and designer, Christine Leech, hit on the perfect idea – a craft and recipe book based around Alice in Wonderland. This book could very easily have been a god-send when I was at university due to the amount of Alice in Wondlerand themed parties I was invited to! Saying that, I’m quite sure there will be many more Alice themed parties to come in my life, knowing my friends!

In terms of the projects inside the book, I’m not kidding when I said the book would be drooled over (okay, maybe not literally but you know what I mean.) Every single craft project Christine and Hannah have come up with is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Never before have I wanted to make everything in a craft book! From easy things you can do with small children, like the dress-up dolls, to more complicated projects like the Everything Alice puppet theatre below (which I would say is just as perfect for a fun adult evening party in the summer as it is a children’s birthday party), there really is something for everyone to make and enjoy making!

In my humble opinion, you should definitely invest in this book. My sister has already told me she wants this book (I did lend it to her and got it back, thankfully) and I might just surprise her with a copy at some point but shhhhhh, don’t tell her I said so! Hehe. I’m sad I didn’t get to go to the launch party a couple of weeks ago but will definitely be creating my own Wonderland soon…any excuse for a party, huh?

Be sure to look back here on Friday, I have a super special giveaway that I’m sure you won’t want to miss out on!

xx Crafty Love from the Crafty Fox xx

*Pictures taken from Everything Alice and Domestic Sluttery

When I Grow Up…

12 Jan

I’ve wanted to be sooooo many different things over the years and said the above statement probably more than I can count on my fingers and toes x100! Haha. Possible careers (that I can remember) have included:


Nurse (to follow in my dad’s footsteps)


Arctic Explorer


…zoologist, actor, singer, air hostess, zoo keeper, veterinarian, fashion designer, film-maker. The list goes on and on and on!

But there are a few possibilities that I’ve never really given up on and have stuck with me throughout. Y’know, the old faithfuls that you’ve said more than a few times and to more than a few people. Start my own business, become a teacher and become a librarian. I don’t know about anyone else but I LOOOOVED to play shop when I was younger, pretending that my friends were my most loyal customers on their amazing old school cash registers. And I also loved to pretend that my Barbies and soft toys were my class at school. Most of all I loved to read (and still do when I get the chance and really get into a book). In the last year I’ve been torn between the three careers and have finally decided that it’s about time I give each of them a go. So what am I doing to?

Job Number 1: Start my own business!

This is the year of the Crafty Fox! I’ve finally set myself a realistic goal of starting my craft business this year – it will include a few different areas that I’m very excited about like my first online shop and some other things I can’t go into just yet! But I promise that as soon as I’ve finalised details, you, my beloved blog readers, will be the first to know!

Job Number 2: Become a Teacher

Don’t you just love this image? Haha. Now this goal is slightly harder to do than the others I’ve chosen as it will involve me going back to school myself for a while. My mum has worked in a school for quite a few years so I’ve always been around teachers. My work experience in high school was at a local primary school. One of my old housemates and good friend is in her first year of teaching. But I want to teach secondary school art/textiles/design – a tough one, I know. But I want a challenge in life and I’ve been told that I have the perfect teacher disposition by a few of my mum’s friends!! So this goal won’t be met for a few years but I’m hoping that I do get the chance to teach informally, be it through workshops or tutorials here, as it’s something I really enjoy!

And finally Job Number 3: Become a Librarian

As you may or may not know, I have worked as a bookseller for the last year and a bit. And it was all going well until Borders (in the UK only) decided to go bust. I love books. I always have. Reading was a huge part of my childhood with particular books remaining my favourites to this day! So when my job ended I realised that I wanted to stay working with books and researched a few positions. My mum has been a librarian for over 10 years and I’ve always loved helping her out with any jobs that need doing in her library. She and a few of her friends recently helped me out with my application for a graduate trainee position as a librarian. Now, I’m quite apprehensive about writing this as the closing date isn’t until 28th January and I usually don’t like saying anything about applications. However this time around I could really use some positive vibes!! I really want this and know that I’ll be one of a large group of people applying for 2-4 positions. So prayers and good thoughts are very much appreciated!!!!!

This is a bit of a personal post for me and I appreciate that all of us in blog land always want to know more about each other and why we all make the decisions we do. Hopefully this helps to explain some of it!! Until my next post I hope you all have a good one. And I hope that for some people this helps them to realise that you don’t always have to stick to just one option in life. There are many paths to take and any one could lead you to different experiences that are meant for you.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

(All credit is linked to the images in this post. Please click each one to link to the source I found it at.)

Monday Loveliness

2 Nov

I realise I’ve missed a couple of my regular features this week, so I apologise to those of you who were looking forward to them. I had a pretty tough week last week so needed to take a little time out. But I’m back and looking forward to blogging about all the things I’ve found and been inspired by.


JON0901-Party-Deer-sm JON0907-Flowers-sm ZOL0927-Homecoming-sm

(click on images for credit)

These images come courtesy of Red Cap Cards. Paperchase (in the UK anyway) sell their cards and it’s there that I first discovered them. I love that they have a whole host of illustrators making images for them. The deer and flower images are two of my favourites at the moment as they remind me of Charley Harper’s illustrations. That brings me to…


Birds and Words

(click image for credit)

I’m coveting this book after coming across it when I was in Magma Books in Covent Garden today. His illustrations are simple and I love his descriptions of how he draws and comes up with the ideas of how the birds should look. I do have a huge things for birds at the moment and wouldn’t mind getting a couple of love birds (they’re pretty and very cute!!).


Painted pumpkin

(click image for credit)

It seems like not a blog post goes by without a mention of Elsie Flannigan but I love this simple decoration idea she posted on her blog today. The textures of the pumpkin and the paint make for an interesting final texture. And it’s a cheap and cheerful way of decorating your home for the next few holidays coming up!


Team Lovely

(click image for credit)

And a final image again from Elsie, of her new series of paintings called ‘Team Lovely’. This is one of the first in a series of 100 and is so far my favourite piece. If I had all the money in the world she’d be mine right now but I’m just going to have to wait and hope that no-one else buys her!! They’re doing a really cute thing of putting markers on a globe of wherever the ladies end up. At least one needs to be in the UK!!

So that’s my blogging for this evening. I’ll have more updates this week as well as the regular features being back!

Hope your Monday wasn’t too stressful and boring!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

Remember those days…

16 Sep

When all you had to do was learn how to read and write (and in my case make sure the teacher was teaching me to spell my name properly!)? I recently went home for a few days and as per usual, I rummaged through a few boxes of stuff that is lying around my parents house. Is it just me or is there something really magical about going through boxes of old things? I love it and always find something new (or old) that I didn’t know about or forgot about as is usually the case!

This time a found a couple of things I forgot I had like these

Remember these? My "Great Greetings" Tomy Fashion Plate, Magic Squares and Shrinky Dink earrings

Remember these? My "Great Greetings" Tomy Fashion Plate, Magic Squares and Shrinky Dink earrings

The Tomy Fashion Plate was probably one of my most used toys as a kid. All you did was place the rub stencils onto the middle of the plate, put your piece of paper on top, close the lid and rub away! Hey, presto you have a drawing to colour in!

I also found this great book that my mum has had for over 30 years

Touch Typewriting by Pitman Press

Touch Typewriting by Pitman Press

We read through this and some of the wording is hilarious! It tells you to ‘strike the keys’ and one letter tells the student to ‘hasten his speed’ when he types in order to not make any mistakes. I wish I’d written down some of the sentences but believe me, you just crack up when you read it!

My time at my parents house was also spent doing a bit of thrifting. I found these in one of the local charity shops for the unbelievable sum of £1.30!

My gorgeous thrifted bowls and a few crocheted headbands for good measure!

My gorgeous thrifted bowls and a few crocheted headbands for good measure!

I love the colouring and the pattern on these and what a bargain! The headbands are ones that I’ve crocheted myself after recently learning how to. If I’d known how easy it was to begin with, I would have been doing it ages ago! I think I’m one of those people who understands it better than knitting although I’m not giving knitting up just yet as I have a couple of things I want to knit before fall and winter really take hold of the climate.

I’ll be posting again sometime this week as I have more I want to say and show you all but don’t have enough time right now to say and show it. What did you love as a kid and what kind of stuff have you found when rumaging through boxes of old stuff?

It’s time now for me to get on with the first project from the RVA Autumn Class. I’m sooo excited and happy that it’s started now! Inspiration and craftiness, ahoy!

Crafty love from a Crafty Fox xxx

Illustration Showcase

23 Mar

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to an illustrator showcase at Orchard publishing house. As I currently work in a book store it was a really interesting evening and focused on children’s picture books (my other speciality). I was able to talk to a few of the illustrators and in particular had quite a lengthy conversation with Leigh Hodgkinson about handmade crafts. She is the author of ‘Colin and the Wrong Shadow’, another ‘Colin..’ book and has a new book called ‘Smile…’ coming out in April/May. I was a bit gutted that I didn’t win any of the raffle prizes of signed prints by the illustrators but as you can see from my photo there were a number of books available to the attendees to get signed (so I nabbed myself three I particularly liked although I should have got the other Colin book too!!).

'I don't want a cool cat' by Emma Dodd, 'The Bear with Sticky Paws' by Clara Vulliamy and 'Colin and the Wrong Shadow' by Leigh Hodgkinson. All hardback signed editions!!!

'I don't want a cool cat' by Emma Dodd, 'The Bear with Sticky Paws' by Clara Vulliamy and 'Colin and the Wrong Shadow' by Leigh Hodgkinson. All hardback signed editions!!!

So I’ve had a few new ideas for crafting projects that steer away from embroidery, particularly focusing on making felt brooches. I’m still doing my embroidery though and have a few projects on the go as well as loads of other ideas that I hope I’ll get off the ground at some point!!