C is for Collections

4 Jun

I’ve done a post on some of my collections before. This time though I’m going to show you a collection that I’m quite protective and proud of and really want to add to majorly!

Yes. I collect vinyl and plush toys. Mainly vinyl though. My main collections comprise of Dunny figurines and a few Munny’s too. Here are some close ups.

Of course, like any collector I tend to have a few favourites amongst my collection. They are these babies.

Top Row: Junko Mizuno for Dunny Fatale series, Custom Munny by Will Rochfort, Kathie Olivas for Dunny Series 5

Bottom Row: Fafi for MAC figurines

My absolute favourite out of all of those is my custom Munny. It was done by an amazing artist called Will Rochfort (who also happens to be my friend and old uni flatmate). He gladly accepted my challenge to customise a plain white Munny and made sure that I didn’t see the finished piece until he was done with it. A bit of background behind the customisation – Will is a HUGE fan of comic book art, graphic novels and Norman Rockwell. This was done just before or after (I can’t remember exactly) ‘The Dark Knight’ came out in the cinema. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better custom piece!! Here are a few close-ups for you.

Amazing, huh? In terms of my collection right now, I would love to have an unlimited supply of money to add substantially to it and I would love to have a complete Dunny Series collection at some point too. I know a few people have similar toy collections and I would love to know what figurines you collect (if you do) and what your favourites are!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak into one of the geeky sides of my life. Can’t wait to share ‘D’ with you soon. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


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