The Sunday Round Up (on Saturday)

27 Feb

So, what has been offered up to me this week? A heck of a lot, that’s what. My week ended up being bizarrely busy and unpredictable and next week looks pretty much the same. For these reasons I missed Pretty Things Thursday and am posting this a little bit early. This week also happens to be the run up to my birthday so I know that there will be a very late Sunday Round Up next week but probably not much else as I’m going back to my parent’s house for a couple of days and then coming back to London with them in time for my birthday party/celebrations.

This week has bought a few unexpected surprises. I finally went “Urban Rambling” with my sister. We got up early this morning and had the most relaxing and peaceful walk through what are considered busy and congested parts of London. It’s something we are going to be doing regularly, not only because of the health and fitness benefits but also as we both enjoyed it and it means we get to spend some sisterly time together – something that we don’t do enough of seeing as we live so close to each other! I can’t wait for the next walk…it’s on my birthday and we’re stopping off at the Betsey Johnson store afterwards to get me some birthday goodies!! Yay! I do have the bestest sister in the world, EVER!!

After our walk today we went to the final Lady Luck Rules OK yard sale – they’re closing the store down and turning it into a gallery/store space – and got some sweet, sweet booty! (I mean this in the pirate sense, of course, and don’t mean we got some sweet, sweet ass! Hahahaha!) Below is a picture of my bits and pieces that I can’t wait to get creating with! (And everything I bought was £3 or under!!! Amazing!!)
Lady Luck Rules Ok!?

This week also bought a few treats, including this from Polka Dot Robot (it’s been used a few times already)…
Coffee Cozy from PDR
This yummo Red Velvet Cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery
And my first Bubble Tea from a small Asian foods supermarket not too far from where I live (it was super yummy and I want another one soon!!)…
Mango Bubble Tea

Although I’ve been perusing the blogs, I haven’t really been saving anything or taking much stuff in. It’s been a funny week like that. Next week is one that will require a lot of stamina. I’m not readily prepared to share why with everyone but it’s times like these where I really hope some higher being is looking down on me and my family and watching over us, protecting us all and keeping us safe and well (even though the latter is not the case right now). Prayers and good/happy thoughts will be appreciated and thankfully received, not only by myself but my family also. A few people know that these reasons will keep me away from here more than I want but there are some things more important than blogging, especially health and that of loved ones. I just hope you can understand too.

Well, I hope to update again this week but the aforementioned reasons may stop me from doing so. Bear with me…the regular blogging schedule will resume again at some point. And thank you for reading all this way too! Hehe. Hope you have had a great weekend and a

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


One Response to “The Sunday Round Up (on Saturday)”

  1. Laurie Anne February 28, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    Sending you and your family positive thoughts and much love…XOXO

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