The Sunday Round Up

21 Feb

First off, apologies for not being here this week. I’ve had a few personal issues I’ve needed to deal with and they always suck the creativity out of me. But the end of this week was better (apart from Saturday and having to deal with the mother of all hangovers!!) and I’m finally feeling like being creative again.

So what’s been inspiring me this week? A new work in progress to go along with my several others, hehe, exciting new artists/illustrators and a fun online class I’ll be taking part in.

1) My new work-in-progress

It’s from the book, Meet Me At Mike’s by Pip Lincolne. The project has introduced me to a new stitch – the chevron, and has provided me with much inspiration for other sewing and crafty projects. There are 26 projects in all and it’s such a great book to have if you enjoy crafting as much as I do (patterns are also included for the various sewing projects). Oh and take a trip to Pip’s blog here if you haven’t been over there already!

2)Exciting New Artists and Illustrators

I picked up these funky bits and pieces from the Alternative Press Fair last weekend. The drawn stickers on the left, the bag and the print are by an artist called Kristyna Baczynski. The stickers I’ve got on display are some of my favourites from the packs she was selling on the day (the bags were drawn on as well so I got an original illustration, woo hoo!) and the print was one of two I picked up for the ever-so-pricey sum of £1. Yes, you heard me…..£1!!! Amazing. It was my favourite print of hers. The other stickers were ones I picked up from another stall – the photographer is a lady called Vicky Stevenson and her small stickers had my name all over them (she also has an etsy shop). I’ll probably use them in the art journalling class I’m taking part in, which nicely leads me onto number 3.

3) Quiet Nights Art Journal Class

This class has now sold out but is being run by my friend, Vivianna. I’m looking forward to it so much. Viv’s is the lady who first got me into journalling and I’m looking forward to learning a few new tips and tricks and also getting some mega inspiration from an amazingly talented teacher and class. I’ll be sure to share a few pages from my journals here and maybe share a bit of inspiration you can take away with you!

So there you go. A few bits of fun stuff that I hope you’ll check out and that will inspire you this week! I’ll be resuming regular posting this week so be sure to drop by for some new goodness I’ll have to share! Hope you’re weekend has been a good one and that you have a fantastic Monday! And Tuesday! And Wednes………! Hehe.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


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