The Sunday Round Up

6 Dec

So for the 2nd week running “Pretty Things Thursday” has managed to be left out of my weekly blog posts. I explained last week in very little detail that I was having problems with work. Well basically the deal is that I’ve been spending most of my time job hunting as where I work, which happens to be Borders in the UK, is closing down. Don’t worry American and Australian friends (and wherever else Borders is), your stores are safe. It’s just the UK stores that are in trouble and there’s been a lot of uncertainty about if and when we’ll close. This has been really upsetting for all of us who work there and just happens to be at a great time of year (she says sarcastically) to have the possibility of unemployment hanging over your head. Hopefully one of my applications will be successful soon as I don’t want to be unemployed come the new year! Prayers and good vibes are appreciated and welcomed right now!!

But anyway, onto bigger and prettier things that I’ve found in between filling out application forms.


So…..this is an idea the Susie over at boygirlparty started. It’s called Penpal Party and the idea is you sign up, get a random name and address and write to the person. They then write back to you and hopefully you start up a big penpal correspondence and get something through the post that isn’t bills or junk mail. Someone also gets your details so you also get one letter and send one back to them. Ultimately, you send 2 letters and you get two letters!! I was part of Round 1 and just missed out on Round 2 due to the reasons mentioned above, but I’m hoping to get involved again in Round 3. Check out the flickr group for some cool looking letters. Here is my first one…
My Penpal Party letter!

My Penpal Party letter!

My letter is from Jessica of Plushroom Soup and she put in so much effort!! I’ve gotta think of something good!! Hehe.

2) I signed up to weheartit this week. I can’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner!! There is so much inspiration to find in that place!!!! Here are a few favourites that I picked out.

3) This weekend I also went back up to Birmingham to visit my parents and some family friends. The boyfriend and I got to hang out at the Christmas German Markets for a little bit as well, which was cool. I love it up there. We stumbled upon a stall right at the very end that was selling stamps and managed to score two cool stamps – my boyfriend found one with his name on it (which is really unusual, like mine) and I scored a small vintage (i.e. about 100 years old) letterpress C that I’m going to use on my handmade business cards to start off the Crafty Foxes name.

We also enjoyed some mulled wine and fried potatoes (I look forward to them each year) and listened to the singing moose head that the main bar has in its roof. It’s hilarious and sings Christmas songs in both English and German!! Haha. I also took a photo of the Santa stall that’s there every year too. It’s huge and is lit up like a Christmas tree (how fitting, hehe) in the evening. This is a day photo though…
Santa Claus

I’m now fully in the mood for Christmas and can’t wait to just spend time with my family and other loved ones.

So that’s been my week this week. I’m probably going to miss “Pretty Things Thursday” this week as well although it is because I’m having to crack on and make stuff for this…..

I’m so excited and even though I’m not making a heap of stuff (testing the waters and all that) I’m so happy to be selling things and hopefully people will buy them! Hehe. Well, that gives you a sneak peak at what I’ll be posting about next Sunday, so until then my lovely blog readers! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have a good week ahead of you!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


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