I’ve done it!!

9 Nov

So, I blogged in the Sunday Round Up yesterday about granny stars that I’d seen over at Sarah London’s blog. And today I finally made one!!!

Granny Star!!!

As there was no pattern, I wrote one out myself and it worked!! It’s given me so much confidence in my crocheting abilities to know that I can now write a pattern and it makes what I want it to. One thing I may do is add an extra chain in the very last round so the corners are a little more pointy.

I’ve also done a bit of journalling today and have decided to share a couple of pages. This is a big thing for me as I usually don’t share anything I’ve written in a journal but you all seem like nice enough people to do so with!


This is the front cover. The picture on the front is one that I took of some tapestry yarn I had lying about.


This is the page I did for Autumn. It’s been a relatively good Autumn for me with lots of new experiences. Things only got a little bad towards the end of it. Definitly a memorable Autumn for me anyway! The photo of the tree is also one that I took.


This is my 2010 page. The photo is again by me of the planner I made from the RVA 2010 Planner Kit. I’ve still got so many more things to add to this page but it’s filled with things that I’m looking forward to and would like to do next year.

The last couple of pictures are of some bags I recently made for the winners of my giveaway, Janel and Astrid. I had a lot of fun making these and will definitely be making more of them to put in my shop when it’s finally up and running (yes, I made the bag as well as adding the decoration/customisation.)

2 Handmade Bags
Pompom bouquet

This is a close up of the pompom bouquet I did on the bag for Janel. I’ve had a recent obsession with pompoms after reading Miss James’ post on the Bleubird Vintage blog about the pompom wreath. This is one of my favourite creations for a while – something about it being so simple and colourful.

On another note, I’ve decided to also postpone the opening of my Etsy shop for a little bit longer. It was meant to be up and running by 1st December but with everything that happened over the past 2 weeks I just need to get my headspace running normally again. Crafting and journalling has definitely helped me but I need as little stress in my life at the moment and opening a store, either online or in real-life is stressful and I don’t want to take that on board until I feel ready. Sorry if you were looking forward to it, but if you do want something custom made I am more than happy to enter into conversation about costs, etc., as I do have a Paypal account open for selling of goods.

So that’s a few things I had to share today! I hope everyone has had a happy Monday and has a great Tuesday.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx

4 Responses to “I’ve done it!!”

  1. Jamie Habermaas November 9, 2009 at 7:02 pm #

    That pompom wreath on that bag is adorable!!!! And I loove your crocheted star! beautiful!!!

  2. chelseybell November 11, 2009 at 3:44 am #

    you should post the pattern!!!

  3. sandy June 8, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Can you start a granny star afghan with this star??

    • craftyfox June 8, 2010 at 4:11 pm #

      Umm, I haven’t but I’m sure you can if you persevered! Hmm, such a good idea! I’m definitely going to try as it hadn’t crossed my mind before this!

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