Pretty Things Thursday

22 Oct

My shifts at work at the moment have been pretty regular which is nice and for the next few Thursday’s I’m working a late shift, which means that I have the whole morning to devote to things I enjoy doing! It also means that my Pretty Things Thursday posts will be up in the morning rather than me panicking about doing them after work in the evening.

So pretty things this week include…

Craft room

(click photo for credit)

This craft room. I’m aching for a room of my own at the moment. I currently share my sewing space with my boyfriend’s studio/drawing space. It works but I’ve still managed to move half of my stuff into the living room and onto the dining table. I need better storage and once I have that it’ll be okay…but I’d still LOVE my own room for just MY stuff, hehe.

Lovely room

(click photo for credit)

Ms Denbow strikes again with her amazing style and taste! Once I have a house that I can call my own, I hope that it’ll look half as pretty as hers!

Pretty tea cups

(click photo for credit)

I have an amazing weakness for anything that involves tea party paraphernalia. I’ve been to Afternoon Tea at the Berkley Hotel a couple of times and loved it – if you live in London and love fashion it’s a must do, it’s called Pret-A-Portea and it’s soooo cute. If I had more space I would collect more tea cups and cake stands (although I have 5 cake stands already).

Pretty suitcases

(click photo for credit)

I love these suitcases. That’s all I have to say about them. -sigh-

Pretty yarn in a basket

(click photo for credit)

Pretty displays

(click photo for credit)

And finally a couple of photos from the wonderful Miss Elsie, who continually inspires me. I love the display she has in her kitchen. I have quite a few small prints that I need to display somehow and this is such a good way of doing it.

So have a great day people. Enjoy the pretty things this Thursday and I’ll be back soon for more blogging action.

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


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