The Sunday Round Up

19 Oct

I know it’s Monday so this is technically the Monday Round Up, but I’m keeping the name as Sunday. I had all intentions of posting last night but I had a busy day and then went to a friend’s house and stayed a wee bit later than I said I would, got home and just went to bed.

So what’s been going on this week? I’ve managed to crochet myself a pair of fingerless mittens!

Fingerless mittens!

These are my practice pair – as you can see I managed to make to one on the left a little bit smaller (it was my first one though!!) I’ve got to make a pair for a friend at work so this was good practice for me and gives me a pair of fingerless mittens that make me feel good because I made them! I’m going to add a small crochet flower to each of them too, to give them that extra something.

I went a bit flickr crazy as well this weekend and added loads of pictures to my favourites. Here are a few of them…

Norwegian Wood

(click photo for credit)

Lots of lovely yarn

(click photo for credit)

Perler leaves

(click photo for credit)

These three photos definitely catalogue my main obsessions right now – owls, wool/yarn and Perler/Hama beads. I can’t get enough of them and love just being able to create with the latter two and finding cute owls to add to my collection wherever I travel.

I also have a small collaboration in the works with my boyfriend as he came up with some great ideas for things to sell in my shop – just over a month to go until it’s live!! I can’t wait. This month is going to be a busy one I’m sure.

On another note…..

Christmas Craftacular!!

IT’S BACK!! And I’ll be helping out again, yay! I had so much fun helping at the summer one that of course I would jump at the opportunity to help again. It’s at York Hall in Bethnal Green again, entry £2, goodie bags, 12pm-7pm. December 12th is a Saturday and if you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for someone this will be a great place to find it!

Vendor applications close on 6th November so apply away. Still have over 2 weeks to do so and it is such a great opportunity. Don’t miss out!! Although I would have loved to have had a stall, it’s still not financially viable for me right now – I need to build up a stall fund or something!! Haha.

So, that’s your day-late Sunday Round Up! I’m off to crochet some granny squares before I go to work. I’ve got a whole morning as I’m on the late shift which doesn’t start until 1.45pm!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


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