Pretty Things Thursday

15 Oct

I’ve decided to add a new little feature to my blog called “Pretty Things on Thursday”. It’ll be a weekly Thursday post about, well, pretty things! Haha.

1) I was recently alerted to Fifi Lapin and her blog by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess. It’s amazing and the illustrations are just magical. Extremely pretty indeed.


(click photo for credit)

2) My small mention of Elsie made me realise that it would be silly not to put her in my list of pretty things for this Thursday. I really admire her style, her art and her love for her shop and the products she puts in it. Blogging everyday isn’t easy either, as well as being half of the teaching team for the RVA Autumn Craft Class I’m taking at the moment. She is just an amazing woman who creates very pretty things.

RVA Fort

RVA Girls

Mrs Fox Elsie

(click photos for credit)

3) My new obsessions are wool and buttons. I just can’t get enough of either. I’m constantly on the look out for the right colours for possible crochet and knitting projects and for more buttons to add to my stash. I was recently at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace and was in complete heaven. I just wish I had more money to spend!!

The Stash

Yarn thread

Yarn thread

(my photos above)

Elsie's Yarn

(click on photo for credit)

Rachel's Yarn

(click photo for credit)

Vivianna's Mittens

(click photo for credit)

Well, it’s only a short one but I’ll have more for you next Thursday!! I’m excited about this being a regular feature – I have so many more ideas of what I can have each week. Yay! Hope your Thursday has been good to you!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


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