The Sunday Round Up

11 Oct

The Knitting and Stitching Show

This weekend has been a busy one. The main excitement of this weekend was the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. There was sooooo much to see and buy! I did however set myself a budget that I mostly stuck to – maybe a little over but seriously, there was yarn everywhere! Hehe.

This is a picture of all the stuff I bought…
The Stash

Lots of yarn, oh yes. The brown yarn in the the back is what I’m going to use to knit the bear hat pattern from RVA. I was also able to find some great colours for my crocheted headbands (which I’ve been happily crocheting today). The cards of thread and yarn are going to be used for embroidery projects I have in the pipeline. And the buttons…well who could pass up buttons?! They were my first purchase of the day. Here’s a close up…

How could I not buy them? Haha. I’m such a sucker for buttons. My mum and I also took one of the crafting classes they had on offer and we both made and took away a rag hooked bag (or raggy bag). it was such fun to learn a new skill with all the other ladies – all of us doing it together for the first time! My bag turned out like this…
Raggy Bag

The main entrance had a few cool things too like a boat with a coat and this amazing yarn art piece that was set up…
Yarn Art Piece

Yarn Art Piece

The colours were so beautiful and trying to capture them was a little difficult but I hope I somehow managed.

Other things that happened this weekend – I announced the winners of my giveaway (see the post below). So congratulations again to Janel and Astrid!! And I forgot that I was meeting up with a group of friends until it was too late but my mind has been a bit all over the place. Oh, and my boyfriend’s laptop got fixed so I’ll be able to blog a little more now as we won’t have to share the main computer.

I hope everyone else has had a great weekend!! I’m so looking forward to seeing all the pictures from the RVA weekend. Here’s a sneak peak from Holly

So cute!!

So cute!!

Oh how I wish I was part of this gang!! My dinner is ready now so I’ll sign off here. It’s soup season again and tonight it’s courgette/zuchini. I also bought some pumpkins today and will be doing a pumpkin soup this week. I love Autumn!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


2 Responses to “The Sunday Round Up”

  1. chelseybell October 13, 2009 at 9:59 pm #

    what a pretty exhibit.

    love your blog!

  2. Vivianna October 15, 2009 at 1:02 am #

    I hope we can knit together one day 😉

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