The Sunday Round Up

4 Oct

So here we are. It’s Sunday again and the only day I’ve had to blog!! I’d be blogging more at the moment if it wasn’t for being really busy at work and also the fact that we currently only have one computer in the house which my lovely boyfriend is currently writing his MA research paper on. I can cope with not much computer time with that reason so I apologise to all my lovely readers for the lack of posting, but it’ll hopefully get better soon!!

So, what have I been up to this week (or rather weekend)? I went to see Mark Thomas, a political comedian and really funny with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends, and I’ve been working away at work. Craftwise, I’ve managed to get the good stuff done this weekend, as is always the way! So what have I done, I hear you ask? These things…..

Autumn =

This is what Autumn is for me right now – crochet, Perler beads, buttons and crafts in general. I’m having such good times right now with my craft stuff and keep on having to tell myself that I need to stop focussing on stuff for me soon and knuckle down with making things for my Etsy shop launch!!

Granny Chic Purse

Hootie the Owl

These are the things that I managed to photograph while there was good light this weekend. The granny square crochet purse and the owl plushie were both projects for the RVA Autumn Craft Class. I’m having sooo much fun doing this class and can’t wait until the next projects are loaded up each time. Of course I have a few that I want to do before others but they’re all exciting and such good ideas. Really hoping I can take part in the next class.

Other things I’ve been in love with this week include –

This gorgeous recipe card kit from RVA – I’m starting to get itchy feet about baking again and am in love with the leaf Perler bead board that comes with it.


And as I am the Crafty Fox, it’s only natural that I should fall completely and utterly in love with this – the ‘You’re a Fox Craft Kit’ also from RVA. If I’d been flush this month and wasn’t having to save myself and my funds for the Knitting and Stitching Show, this would have been mine straight away!! But I can wait until next month – fingers crossed there are some left!

Also on my wishlist right now is fabric from the Echino collection. I again have fallen in love with the colours, patterns and designs those fabrics have. I’ve not managed to find them here in the UK yet in any of my local fabric stores (although lots of online ones) but have lots more to check out in person!

So a great weekend all round and hopefully I’ll have a chance to jump on a blog mid-week (the boyfriend’s paper is due on Friday though, so no promises). Otherwise next Sunday will be an amazing one – the day after the Knitting and Stitching Show. Expect many yarn-themed photos!!!!!!

Oooo, and remember to enter my giveaway a couple of posts down!!

xx Crafty Love from a Crafty Fox xx


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