Bust London Summer Craftacular! (Part 1)

25 Aug

I have so many photos that I’m going to have to stagger the blog posts for this or it will be too much to try and take in!!

So Saturday 22nd arrived and we made our way to York Hall to meet Clare and Vikki (the two wonderful organisers). The first job of the day was to poster the local area and the lead up from the tube to York Hall. I had 3 volunteers helping me out on the day – my friend Cat, my mum, Lesley, and my sister, Rachel. So we all set off in different directions with our posters in hand and managed to clearly signpost the way up! The posters were amazing and a really good job was done with the design.

After poster duty we came back to York Hall and helped with the setting up of the raffle table and the Shoreditch Sister’s ‘Customisation Station’. I took the chance to take a few photos of the vendors setting up as well.

Vendors setting up their stalls

Vendors setting up their stalls

By this time there were already around 40+ people queuing outside and it was still only 10.30/11am! A little bit of crowd control was needed so they weren’t in the way of anybody and so people didn’t get into arguments about queue jumping (100 goodie bags sure do make people a bit antsy before they come in!). The goodie bags and the goodies in them were donated by some of the lovely vendors and were amazing. All those who got one were very lucky indeed!!

Setting up was almost over and before we knew it it was 12pm and time to open the doors to the public. The first hour was crazy – the queue had grown to about 150-200 people and it took an hour before we reached the end of it!! But as soon as that was done we could breathe a small sigh of relief that it was done and people were in the door.

Rach and Mum selling Bust and getting people to sign up for the free raffle!

Rach and Mum selling Bust and getting people to sign up for the free raffle!

See the crowds of people behind them? This was taken later on in the day on one of my breaks/wanders so there aren’t quite as many people as at 12 but the crowds kept on coming in all day! Near the end of the day we did a quick count of the amount of people that had signed up to the raffle and the grand total was 644!! And we didn’t even manage to persuade everyone so the number of people through the door had to have been at least 1500 which is amazing!

The whole day was a very long one but thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t wait til the next one (which I’ll be offering my services to yet again!). I just can’t believe it all went by so quickly. So my next post will be mainly photos  – I had to get all the wordy stuff out of the way with first (with a few pictures). Stay tuned!


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