Stuffed Hearts

3 Apr
My stuffed heart with felt and embroidered toadstools

My stuffed heart with felt and embroidered toadstools

I haven’t quite decided yet whether to use this as a pin cushion or if it’s my first attempt at plush toy making. It’s completely handsewn but I kept the wrong area open for stuffing with polyfill (instead of near the bottom point of the heart, I kept open one of the heart curves at the top). The thing is I’m still very new to all of this and making is all about finding out and making these mistakes. The piece would have looked more polished if I had machine sewed it, but seeing as I don’t have a sewing machine at the moment I’m unable to do so. I HAD to do the toadstools though – with a fabric like that who can’t?? The toadstool’s are each embroidered around the mushroom part and have a felt stem (stuck on with fabric glue).

I applied for a few jobs today, with the hope that one or more of them come through for me. I’m moving soon so have applied for jobs closer to where I’ll be in a couple of months. When I move I’m hoping to also have a nice little crafting area where I can have everything sorted and ready for me to make stuff with whenever the crafting urge takes me! I was also reading the Buy Handmade blog today – It makes me sad that the US Government can be so unfair to small-time makers, most of whom make for the love of making (and making some, generally extra, money in the process) rather than for the purposes of taking over the world (although we all want to do that, maker or not, haha!!). Make sure you read it and support the movement – it doesn’t just affect those living and working in the US, it affects everyone making toys and clothing that could end up in the US for the 12 and unders too!


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