Another day, another project

14 Mar

My final day of holiday from work and I decided to start on project number three – an embroidery piece from a Kurt Halsey for Sublime Stitching pattern. It’s a very sweet and cute pattern and Halsey also happens to be one of my favourite illustrators. His style is very simple and clean, something which I’m happy about as that makes it all the more easily transferrable to craft mediums! The subjects of his paintings/illustrations appear to be very innocent but there is an underlying melancholy to them which is found in the commentary he provides through messages he places in them.

A Kurt Halsey illustration

A Kurt Halsey illustration

So, to my embroidery…

My work in progress

My work in progress

Not as great a picture as I would have hoped but, bad lighting and material weirdness aside, you can see the detailing that I’ve started. The final product should be finished in a couple of days latest and I already have ideas for gifts for people (some which I will try to use Halsey’s illustrations). Oh, I’ve started on a path and there’s no stopping me now!

2 Responses to “Another day, another project”

  1. Guthrie March 15, 2009 at 2:08 pm #

    I like the Halsey design I’ll be interested to see how you adapt it, and it’s great to see you actively making lots of embroidery. Will you just be making embroidery?

  2. craftyfox March 15, 2009 at 10:10 pm #

    I will be branching out into different craft mediums but at the moment I’m going to try to take my embroidery to a better skill level. It’s one of the easier crafts to learn but there are so many stitches to master and I want to eventually be stitching my own designs.
    I’m hoping to get into plush making, jewellery design and accessories making at a later date.

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