Sneaky preview

13 Mar

So, as I sit here watching Comic Relief I decided to crack on with my embroidery. As this is one of my keep it secret projects I can only show a small tidbit but hopefully you can see the detail involved (if the photo hasn’t compressed too much) and appreciate my intricate handiwork (hehe).

Part of one of my secret projects

Part of one of my secret projects

I hope you like this piece of embroidery and hope you’ve been enjoying Comic Relief like me and have given a little or a lot to a well deserving charity!

One Response to “Sneaky preview”

  1. The Parents March 16, 2009 at 8:02 am #

    Glad the gene (jean) pool was able to contribute towards the embroidery and we look forward to maybe contributing in the future. It does run in the family. I believe Meme dabbled in embroidery and I have done my fair share. Love what you have done so far, am intrigued by the secret project.
    Ma & Pa xx

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