We all have to start somewhere

13 Mar

So, I’ve finally started a blog with a purpose. The clue is in the name (and no, I’m not a fox). I recently started a craft group with a few friends and wanted a place to blog about all the projects that we do as well as my general love of craft. So here I am!

I have had a huuuge interest in making things for as long as I can remember. From making wooden dolls with spare bits of wood, a hammer and nails in my dad’s shed when I was little to my current embroidery projects, crafting and making is something that I am intrinsically pulled to. Maybe it’s my family: my dad has always been good with his hands – carving wood reliefs and painting, and he has a great eye for photography; my mum – my outfits as a wee nipper were always made by her and consisted of some pretty cute knitted jumpers. They’ve never been the kind of parents to put a damper on my creative side encouraging me to do things that make me happy (although while still making sure that I’m going to be able to pay my rent by reminding me that I do need to keep working until my crafting eventually pays off!!).

My last semester at universtiy was when I truly discovered how much I loved craft when I took a module called ‘Handmade: The Politics of Craft’. It discussed the history of craft and the influence of people such as William Morris and traditional thatchers on current craft practises. For my final essay I decided to write about handmade plush toys and the people that make them and this really peaked my interest in making.

And this takes me up to the current point in time. The second meeting of the Crafty Foxes takes place next Monday and I’m proud that I finally had the guts to start something (along with and with the support of one of my good friends) that will take a little while to grow but will finally bring together people that have a common interest in something – making.


One Response to “We all have to start somewhere”

  1. Guthrie March 13, 2009 at 6:00 pm #

    Excellent looking forward to some cool pics of your making efforts!!

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